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    Opinions and suggestions are more without understanding the real problem!

    We are living in a society where freedom of thought and expression is at our liberty. With the fast communication system at our door steps, we always rely on the news flash and make our opinion formed based on the initial information. Unfortunately, none of us wait for a detailed information nor getting it confirmed from reliable sources. This sometimes leads to chaos and happens many a times.

    A small story going round in WhatsApp appears to be true in this context. There were group of Doctors going for a morning walk. While returning from walk, they were having a cup of tea near a roadside tea stall and saw a man walking with a limping leg. On a glance at him, the first doctor expressed his opinion that he might be suffering from left knee arthritis. The second one didn't hesitate to share his wisdom by saying it is Planter Factis. Third one disapproved the both and claimed it would be Ankle sprain. Giving a serious thought to all these claims, the fourth doctor joined them saying he is little doubtful whether it could be because of lower motor neurons. But the Fifth one ruled out all these things and sure in diagnosing that it is due to Hemipligia. The sixth doctor was about to give his view point while the man straight way approached him and asked if there was a cobbler nearby to get his left sandal repaired. Now, it was the turn of the six doctors to become dumbfounded!
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    Good story. Really also the doctors in corporate hospitals will call a neurologist if we complain of headache. This is the order of the day. The same way to create hype in the public the TV channels are also trying to get higher TRP ratings by showing unconfirmed news and giving their own theories and conclusions. This is driving us to take us some clues and making us to make our own conclusions. It is not correct to form opinions without going into the details and not getting full details. But because of our attachment to a particular ideology we will be fast in making opinions favourable to us and our ideas.
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    A very good story Sir, it exactly shows the present condition of our society in many aspects. We are running a race in which everyone want to make first move only for the purpose get noticed. In their attempt to make this move they forgot to apply simple logic behind behind perception created by social media. Social media wrapped up our common scense and ability to think critically.
    Your story shows that how we are making simple things more and more critical. This is alarming. Your point worth to be noticed.

    Well done is better than well said

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    Good thread by the author. It is very true that sometimes we give our opinion in haste which becomes a meaningless expression of our knowledge.

    There is a saying that 'Weigh your tongue before you speak'. One must be patient enough to understand any issue in its totality and then only to give one's reaction on it. There is no point in giving a hasty opinion or advice.

    Many of us do this type of mistake only to be ashamed of it later or repent on our impatience.

    In social media, people are competing with each other in replying faster rather than replying after verification of material from other reliable sources. This is really and alarming state of affairs.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Haha. I see the moral of the story is to not go for details everytime and sometimes the most simplest solution is also the truest. The problem is as we expand our vocabulary in things, we stop using our basics.
    Example would be usage of matrices in maths to solve equations. Matrices can literally solve any equation of any order. But sometimes all you have to do is to interchange the variables to solve an equation.
    Our everyday life poses us with weird facts. News around the world has a habit of displaying facts tastefully. For that they garnish things up. It is upto us to not use our intricate analyse and think simple enough to understand the farce.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Hehe..that's a good one. Yes, sometimes we dont go in detail start giving our own advice and suggestion without realising it if that would be helpful for the person.

    Even the elderly people at home give us suggestions and advice which may not be of our use but that's what there perception. Sometimes we neglect them but may realise it that their advice was useful.

    I usually ignore such people who give me advice all the time.

    Being a doctor I don't expect from them because doctors normally dont guess but they analyse through the tests. That was funny as sometimes what we think is not the reality.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Reacting on something without fully comprehending it is a habitual mistake many of us do.

    This creates an embarrassing situation sometimes as the initiater of talks is also puzzled with quick and unwanted suggestions.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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