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    Why can't we have old age homes partly financed by Corporate Organizations?

    We see more and more elite old age home advertisements with even swimming pools and jogging tracks thrown in as added amenities for the rich to buy n enjoy the rest of their lives.

    Fine enough. But what about those who cannot afford such high cost? Why can't very small towns that have some basic amenities be developed as venues for old age homes, where with the minimum costs, one can stay and live the rest of his or her life or even as couples?

    Why can't the corporates step in and either rent out huge buildings in villages and refurbish them or build old age homes for the needy but continue to part finance them as part of their CSR activities? I guess we have a long way to go here and it is ridiculous for only the rich to enjoy such facilities.

    As a nation, we lack social security for the old people. Why not invite Corporate participation for this vital aspect of housing the old people and caring for them?
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    Corporate sector under CSR initiative, helping to run old age homes is a good idea. The poor people who are not able to afford to stay in rich old age homes can be financed by these corporate companies so that those couples can spend their retired life happily. But why old age homes are required? Are there so many childless couples in India as nobody was there to take care of them in the old age. More old age homes is an indication of children not taking care of their parents and going away from their responsibilities. This is a point which is to be seriously thought off. In my opinion in old age the people want handholding and supporting people more than financial help. Why the people are not able to extend their support when required to their parents.
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    It's a good suggestion to build old age homes with active corporate support, but do we really require so many old age homes? Every family requires the help of old people rather than neglecting them and promoting old age homes will not be good in the long run. I do not know how to sensitize those families who are neglecting the seniors, but awareness through various means may be of some help.

    We are going through various problems and the one which is rising continuously all over the world is depression. Depression is making people lonely and they are trying to stay away from the society. The country doesn't have good healthcare facilities for the poor. In few states the healthcare has become an industry and people are being cheated in the name of healthcare. I feel there is an urgent need to revamp the rural healthcare system where the corporate can play a big role. As part of the CSR, they can help the government to improve the infrastructure of the rural hospitals, which will be of great use.


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    Old Age Homes are becoming a necessity whether we like it or not. Now we do not have joint families. The children are moving out to other countries or other places on job or business. The parents are left to mend for themselves. It is a very difficult task to maintain the house as paid help is becoming scarce. Considering all these, the Old Age Homes are becoming a good alternative for the aged. The aged parents who are financially sound or the children who can afford are preferring them as there are service and company of the same age group in the Old Age Homes.

    The old people who cannot afford the charges of a good old age home are joining the ones which are cheap. The facilities there are not good. It is a good idea if the Corporate Houses under the Corporate Social Responsibility programme team up with Government and Non-Government Organizations to run old age homes under hygienic conditions for the poor.

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    A good thought and senior citizens will definitely like this idea.

    Big organisations have corporate social responsibility funds with them and if their management agrees they can divert funds towards welfare of the seniors. It will be a great step and will make the foundation for the well being of the aged people in our country.

    The Govt can also think in this direction by issuing an advisory in this regard to the industries and corporate houses giving them some benefits in terms of taxes etc.

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    This is a good thought, but, I feel, in India, it is not practicable. Very few profit-oriented corporate companies will come forward to implement this proposal mooted by the author. Indian companies are still not socially conscious.
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    Once they find that Old-age homes are profitable, then why partial finance, Corporate houses will start Old-age home business itself.

    Very soon this is going to happen. Now the construction of senior citizen homes is done is a very commercial way. Very soon the conduct and run also will be commercialised in a big way. Then we can see many crporate enter in that sector.

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    I believe that the country should take care of this, because most often in old age, people are left alone, and however sad it may sound, they most often end up in a nursing home.

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