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    Is Assamese 'gamusa' a symbol of insecurity?

    Have you ever visited Assam? If you have visited the beautiful state, you must have noticed the 'gamusa' and 'mekhola'. These two clothes are inseparably intertwined with the Assamese culture.

    But all of us know that the liberals and leftists don't care a hoot about Indian culture. They get immense pleasure to deride Indian culture.

    The Wire is a leftist, liberal news website (although I have grave doubt whether leftist and liberal can be used together). This news website issued a sarcastic tweet when the pride of Assam, Hima Das, posed before the camera with the gold she won in the U-20 World Championship, National Flag and Assamese 'gamusa'. Later the website published an article where the 'gamusa' has been stated to be the 'symbol of insecurity'.

    I would also like to remind the Members that these so-called liberals give tremendous importance on the right to wear. I earlier read many revolutionary articles when France banned a dress used by Muslim women. These liberals shouted protesting the infringement on the right to wear. The same liberal group has now stated that the symbol of Assamese culture, 'gamusa', is a 'symbol of insecurity'.

    Assamese people are deeply hurt by this insensitive comments of liberals of The Wire. It's time to lodge our strong protest against these rootless liberals. They must learn to remain within their limits.
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    Partha, have you read the other article in The Wire by Ibu Sanjeeb Garg wherein he had given a different view from the one held by Amlan Das? I can understand why you are so vociferous against The Wire but then, by pointing out only one version without any reference to the other side that has been published in the same portal stink of malice? I think so.

    I don't take your references to the so-called liberals (libus) or intellectuals or other similar adjectives seriously but are you aware what you are into? You always project the side which is closest to your way of thought and try to exaggerate the positives by wilfully hiding the other side thereby making it appear that what you are saying is and is the only truth.

    The article by Amlan Das refers to the 'insecurity of identity' and not insecurity otherwise that might have been caused by the NRC and we have to approach that article in that context only. The fact that Gamusa is intertwined with the culture of Assam and is used by all Axomiyas irrespective of their religion or caste is a well-known fact.

    And, it is a known fact as to who is trying to impose rules on what one should wear, what one should eat, what one should speak and even how one should think. So, let us not shift the burden.

    (Note: I am not supporting Amlan Das in any way, though his interpretation cannot be totally written off. It is his opinion and he is free to express it. But I would surely like to prescribe to a balanced view. )

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    The dual nature and tongue-twisting. A person has every right to wear as he/she likes. There are no rules regarding the dress code for the public in our country. Definitely, the concerned people will get hurt. There is no doubt about it. I feel the liberals should not interfere and comment on the things which are not relevant. The people should know their limits and should be within the limits.
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    Dr. Rao, are you sure that it is the liberals who interfere in such very personal matters? I doubt. And, this thread is not basically about the freedom to choose what we eat or what we wear.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    This thread is actually on the duplicity of the so-called liberals who find immense pleasure to deride every aspect of Indian culture. The Wire liberal named Amlan Das has insulted the Assamese people and their colourful culture. Now, some other people are trying to save him by mixing up the issue with NRC, etc.

    The diversion is easily understood.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Sometimes the news in the media is not in a clear form and creates confusion in the minds of the reader.

    Moreover there are conflicting comments by people. Some channels will do it for earning cheap popularity of the public and if it is so then we should not rely on these less reputed sources of information.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Madam, many top-level intellectuals vouch for the authenticity of any trash published in The Wire.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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