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    Saluting the martyrs of 26/11 and heartfelt prayers for all victims

    Today marks the 10th anniversary of the brutal, horrifying terrorist attacks on the residents of Mumbai. Let us salute every one of the heroes, not only the brave ones of the police and security forces who confronted the terrorists and those who were martyred, but also the people like the railway station announcer who guided people to safety, the Cama Hospital hospital staff who kept their cool and ensured the safety of patients...and so many countless others who helped out in innumerable ways. Let's bow our heads for a minute, as well, for all the victims and pray for their families.

    Let us never forget any of them.
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    My respects and salutations to all the victims in the brutal incident happened on 26/11, ten years before. I pray for the welfare of the family members of the deceased. We should thank each and every one who contributed their might one way or other for helping the needy in the incident. As Indians, it is our duty to pay our respects to all of them. I hope all other members also join to pay their respects.
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    On this day in 2008, some barbarians from a barbaric country attacked the people of Mumbai. Why? To kill people. The killings give these perverted barbarians a pleasure. Many unknown and ordinary people rose to the occasion, and without any weapon to counter the terrorists, they tried their level best to save the people. They tried to save people, at a considerable risk to their own life. Our deep respect to these selfless people.

    I avail this opportunity to request the genuine peace-loving people of India not to forget this painful incident. I urge people to maintain peace in the country, by 'suitably taking care' of these barbarians, if necessary in advance, so that such unfortunate event doesn't occur in future.

    Only then the soul of the innocent dead will rest in peace.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I take this opportunity to condemn the barbaric attack and to remember all those who lost their lives in the 26/11 incident and also to pay my respects to all those who did their bit to save lives and property. Such attacks, by terrorists or otherwise should not be allowed to endanger the peace and security of this great nation. Let us keep our eyes, ears and mind open!
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    Some of the brave and courageous people rised to the demand of the tough situation at that time and helped the people in the aftermath of that terrorist attack.

    I also join to remember these real heroes who in one way or other helped the fellow beings.

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    My salute to all the braves who endangered their lives to save people on that fateful day. I pay my deep respects to all those who were killed in the barbaric attack. This barbaric act cannot be condoned and no harsh word is sufficient to condemn it. We do not want any attack of this kind in any parts of the world and all those involved in such attacks should not be shown any mercy.

    All those who sacrificed their lives as well as saved people braving all odds will be remembered by all of us. My salute to all of them.


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    My salute to the braves who risked their lives to save for us. Many of the innocent people lost their lives in this attack, that's what they planned to do. By this attack, they tried to spread terrorism and tried to scare people but they could not get success due to these braves. They fought for us and didn't let them do that. We are safe because of such brave people only. I pay my homage to them and salute them for their bravery.

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    A decade after 26\11 we must be now concentrating on one big question. Are we worth their sacrifice? For what they died and and what exepcted us to do after their sacrifice. They died in the hope that their family will be well taken care of. What is the situation of family members of civilians and Security personnel who sacrificed their lives. They sacrificed with the hope that atleast that their sacrifice will be the last. A decade after we are still not able to bring preperators to justice due to our adverse relationship with Pakistan. this raises several questions and the humanity side of we as a people. The preperators have joined mainstream Pakistan and have become legislators even. Now we must ask the same people in Government who planned the attack to bring themselves to justice. this is the irony of the situation today.

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    It's painful to note that the politicians are not even united here but instead they kept themselves with their own world of taking advantages for political gains from such incidences. Just observe few of the politicians wherein the top leader of the Congress party Digvijay Singh said that "Hindu Terrorists carried out 9/11 attacks on US". I don't know about how far we have been able to analyze of the strategies & policies of few of the political parties here but this is the need of the hour or else reminding us of such sacrifices wouldn't ever be enough.

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