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    Can we have a category for Digital Marketing in Ask Experts section?

    Hi all,

    I am starting this thread to get suggestions from the members.

    In the present world scenario, everything is digitalized and a lot of people are opting digital platform for their career. Nowadays, several career options are also available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+, etc. where one can start personal or business pages and can generate traffic by posting valuable contents. High traffic yields high profit. But many fail to generate traffic. Knowledge of digital marketing is required to generate traffic. So, to help the beginners and the mid-level learners can we have a category in Ask expert section to learn ‘Digital Marketing’?

    ISC is one of the websites which is continuously engaged in a lot of digital activities and here we have a lot of members and editors with good knowledge of digital marketing. So, having a category in AE section for digital marketing will be helpful for the learners as we may find a way to answer the questions and clear the doubts regarding digital marketing through the experts in ISC.

    Can we have a category for digital marketing in Ask Experts section of ISC? Please share your views.
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    Wow, it is excititing

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    Many people are active in many sites as a visitor or a regular member. They contribute through comments, articles, forum and group discussions.

    If these contents are of general nature then they will not have much commercial value except sharing a small part of the revenue from some of the sites.

    Digital marketing may not be much advantageous in such a situation

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    Digital marketing is a very encouraging field these days. Many people are trying to create their own websites and blogs. They want to use them for advertisements and get some revenue. But many don't have the required skills like how to attract many viewers and how to make use these areas for earning some money. Many are trying to give coaching online for this digital marketing and they are making money. But how far the learner is getting benefitted I don't know. Digital Marketing Learn now concept may be helpful to many members who are regular here but no knowledge of Digital Marketing. I welcome the idea.
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    It's a good idea to start a section where we will get to know many aspects about digital marketing. When somebody is planning to have the web presence for business, she/he must know how to reach out to more people by increasing the visibility of the website.

    For every business website, there is an additional web presence in the form of active pages in different social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter, etc. It's important to optimize these pages too for increasing the audience of the main website.

    Nowadays, everybody wants to reach out to a large section of the masses through their web presence and it would be nice if ISC, the most popular website among students, can have a dedicated section to digital marketing with all the necessary guidelines for increasing the web presence of entrepreneurs.


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