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    Why there is a discrepancy of human loss between two channels and print media?

    As there is a bus accident or rail accident we see the two channels and print media there is a discrepancy news between the human loss in broadcasting or printing the news. Why the human loss is different from one organisation of news paper and Electronic media to the other?As in recent in Karnataka bus accident some news paper have wrote 25 people were died in the incident and some other wrote 30 people were died and some other 40 people were died. why there is a discrepancy of human loss in broadcasting or printing the news from different various news channel institutions?Knowledgeable members,please respond to the question.
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    The figures which are reported in electronic media or print media are not officially valid. As soon as the accident happens and news comes out, the reporters will go there and get the news by word of mouth from the people there. Different people will guess different figures. That is why many news channels say suspected death of 46 people but never say so many were killed till is confirmed. The official announcement will come from the concerned department in the way of an announcement. They will give all the details of the deceased persons and injured persons. One should go by that list for the correct figure but not the numbers that are coming in newspapers or news channels. These channels and papers will also give the correct figure after an official announcement comes. In that also they may mention that so many died and so many injured as per the official press release by so and so organisation.
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    When an accident occurs it's difficult to know about the casualty on the spot if the casualty is more. The exact number of loss of lives can be known when the injured and the dead bodies are sent to the hospital and from there they declare the number of lives lost. Normally the reporters don't report the actual numbers as for how can they know it.

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    Actually when such mishaps happen, few things are taken into account while publishing the news. From different sources the estimate on the number of passengers travelling in that bus is taken, the number of bodies recovered are also noted and then it is published on that moment. After a while, when another news channel goes there to cover the accident, the number of bodies recovered may increase and that channel report that figure.

    However, in most of the reports of different news media it is mentioned that the number of deaths is still not confirmed and may rise. The difference in figures mostly appear on the first day of the accident because different channels may cover the news at different intervals. After few days, when all the clarifications are received from hospitals then only the actual numbers are known.


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