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This entry for the Dual Role Interview contest is a consolation prize winner.
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    An interview with famous country musician, Rory.

    Interviewer: Oh, welcome Mr. Rory. I hope your journey to here was comfortable. One of my agents saw you playing in a club last night at Liverpool. He taped you and showed me the video. I must say you bring new dimensions to the urban populace whose ears have been plagued by the trending popular hits. Simon, my agent, wants me to induct you into my Chicken Stew records. Well, we run a business here Rory. So here I am, to assess you personally.

    Rory: I am glad that Simon spoke so highly of me. I'll do my best.

    Q1. Interviewer: I'll assess you with just three questions. Here's question number one. What does being one with our record label mean to you?

    Rory: My family has been practicing country, folk and blues music for generations. I wish to preserve the raw passion of our music style and make others fall in love with those genres. Being inducted by a prestigious record label like you would favor me and my music style will get enough light to inspire millions of future musicians. I know my music is different and can gain popularity with your assistance. I will be a valuable member to the company.

    Q2. Interviewer: Well, Rory. Moving on to my second question. I've seen from your last performance that you are pretty energetic. You thunder notes your guitar and slide with vigor. You also sing at a very high range which could damage your vocal cords. What do you put forth first? Your health or your performance?

    Rory: Sir, an artist is an instrument, that is fine tuned to deliver it's purpose. And just like I maintain my guitar, I maintain myself every night. I never overdo. To keep my performance pristine I must be finely tuned too. So my health and performance go hand in hand.

    Q3. Interviewer: May your energy not harm you. Now, Rory, the toughest and final question. I am trained in guitar myself. What is stopping me from being you? How are you unique?

    Rory: I come from a musically trained family and technique is in my blood. You can learn the song and the way it's played too, but to deliver my song with same feel is something I know only I can do. And also, I can play rhythm, lead and slide on the guitar at a same time. That requires years of practice and dedication. That combined with my impressive vocal range can make me a valuable asset I believe. I will bring a new sound to the urban musicians and causal listeners.

    Interviewer: Old is new, you say. Impressing replies Rory. That concludes our interview. Chicken Stew records want to usher the current music scene to a revolution and you might just be the man needed. Welcome on board! Shall we discuss the contract details?

    This is my entry for interview contest
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    Aditya made a good presentation of his thoughts in interviewing a famous country musician. The three questions he has selected are very good and answers are also in line. I like the way he has conducted the interview. All the best to him.
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    A good interview with a budding country musician. But I feel that you could have cut down the comments of the interviewer and let Rory talk a little bit more about himself and his music. But, definitely, it is a different and less-discussed topic.
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    Sure Partha. I wanted to develop the characters a bit through interview and make Rory talk about his music style and technicalities. But I avoided them to keep this relatable to everyone. And also the thread was supposed to be precise so I had to cut down many amazing ideas I had to shorten it.

    Thank you for your valuable input.
    Thank you Dr. Rao for appreciating and blessing.

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    That's a good interview. Rory seems to be a perfectionist and he believes no one can sing like him...hehe..what does he do every night to maintain himself?.

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    A nice presentation where we get to know some interesting facts about Mr. Rory's style of performance and speciality. The selection of questions was fantastic and sufficient enough to judge the capabilities of the country musician.

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    Haha Sanjeev good question. Fingers get badly hurt playing guitar for hours. So Rory takes care of his fingers every night. And to clear his voice up few glasses of ginger ale.

    Thank you Sanakalan for reading.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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