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    An interview with Mr Mohan, A school teacher who is about to retire.

    Q1. How have you ensured a good relationship with the parents of your students?

    ANS: Even though I am a teacher here, basically I am a parent to two children. So I understand that the parents will feel their children is the most important thing in this world. The higher the parent is involved the higher the support offered by them to their child's education. So I always have a good interaction with the parents. This is in practice for so many years and I am about to retire. Even today many parents come and tell me that their children are doing good and they give credit to me also for their achievement. It gives me intense pleasure.

    Q2. What's the best thing about your job?

    ANS: This job allows me to be creative and use a range of skills which are useful for the beginners to be on the best side. Teaching gives us good responsibility and freedom when compared to many other jobs. Today's students are tomorrow's citizens of India. They may become Engineers, doctors and many other professionals but basically, they must be good citizens of this country. I have a chance to bring the basic needs of a good human being and teach them. Generally, the students will have more faith in their teachers and so I can contribute to the country by making my students as the best citizens. No other job is having this chance and that is why I feel today's teachers are tomorrow's society makers.

    Q3. What Are Your Lesson Plans Aimed At?

    ANS: I plan my lessons in such a way that the child will get the required development in his/her physical, mental, academic and social status. I will plan my lessons in such a way that I will go down to the level of the student and see that he will be able to understand what I am trying to teach him. I never expect a child to come to my level and understand the things. I will always keep the goals and the aspirations of the institute in which I am working in my mind and make the planning accordingly.

    This is my entry for
    Dual Role Interview Contest
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    This interview with Mr. Mohan has helped us to understand how an efficient and experienced teacher functions. His/Her duty is not limited to teach mechanically to the students. The main duty of the teacher to make the young minds curious to know, to explore further. Mr. Mohan seems to be capable of fulfilling the main duty of the teacher.

    A good interview!

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    It's good to know that Mohan knows that just teaching them about the course material is not sufficient, the teacher should teach them about to become a good citizen of Indian.

    It's good to see that he understands that a teacher should interact with the parents as they have the major role in his the child grows.

    Also, he is aware that to make kids understand what he wants to say he will have to go to their level not the kids have to adjust to his level.


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