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    An interview with Haren Mahato, the famous exponent of Jhumur song

    You might be aware that Jhumur song is the folk song of 'Rahr' region of Bengal. This beautiful folk song is heard in Bankura, Purulia, Birbhum and Medinipur districts of West Bengal. Today I am going to interview Haren Mahato, who has rejuvenated this form of folk song after the death of Angshuman Roy, the legendary Jhumur singer of seventies. Let us start.

    Me (Question No. 1): Haren-da, Namashkar. First of all, thanks for allowing me to ask a few questions. All the readers would like to know how did you start singing Jhumur song.
    Haren Mahato: How did I start? Bhai, I started to sing when I started to speak. We are Santhals. Jhumur song is a part of our culture. Since my birth, I have been watching Santhali males and females dance with Jhumur songs. I think, when I was five years old, I started singing Jhumur song and playing the flute and 'dhamsa-madol' (Santhali drum).

    Me (Question No. 2): But, after the seventies, the Jhumur song lost its popularity. How have you helped Jhumur to regain its old popularity?
    Haren Mahato: Bhai, you are not fully correct. Jhumur song never lost its popularity among the Santhals. But after the death of Angshuman-da (Angshuman Roy), Bengalis lost touch with Jhumur song. Now, some artists and bands like Kalika Prasad (another very famous exponent of folk-songs, who died very recently) and 'Bhoomi' band (a very famous Band of West Bengal), have brought back the popularity of Jhumur song among the Bengalis. I have also played a small role in the revival of Jhumur song by singing these songs on television and radio.

    Me (Question No. 3): So, Haren-da, what is your future plan?
    Haren Mahato: My future plan is very simple like the simple Jhumur song. I want to popularise this beautiful form of folk song all over the country. Thereafter, some other artist may spread the sweet music of Jhumur outside India.

    Me: Thanks Haren-da for spending your valuable time with me. Best wishes to you.

    (This is my entry for the interview contest)
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    I like how you assimilated the "breaking fourth wall" element here. You also make it so that the audience/reader understands that you yourself are a huge fan of the artist. The interview is so pleasant, like that of a radio talk show. Good job overall. I don't think I will understand the music that you talk of here but I will try to listen to Angshuman Roy.
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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: Thanks for reading this thread. Bengali folk song is unbelievably rich (both in terms of lyrics and in terms of music). Bengali folk can be further sub-divided as Bhawaiya, Bhatiali, Tusu, Bhadu, Jhumur, Gambhira, Alkap, Baul, Lalon, Goalpariya, Boyati and many others which I don't know. Jhumur song is from the western part of Bengal and Late Angshuman Roy was a very famous Jhumur singer. Unfortunately, after his death, this song lost popularity. But now, it is again regaining its popularity.
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    A good thread by the author. He has narrated the whole interview well. The questions asked were good and the answers are also very well made. The author's love for the Bengali folk songs is well brought out in the interview.
    always confident

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    A very interesting thread bringing about a popular Bengali folk song. Well presented one and better I should refrain from further compliments.

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    A very good narration. Lively and flowing with ease. Appearing like a real interview.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A very good interview where the folk singer described in details about his journey in the folk music and also his future plans to popularize Jhumur Songs. The questions were very brief and pertinent and the whole interview was very lively.
    Well done!


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