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    A heart touching interview with The famous kindergarten teacher Dr. Kalpana

    Today, I have an opportunity to take interview of the famous kindergarten teacher Dr Kalpana who have received presidential prize for the innovation in education system. Let us know about some important things and the opinion of Dr. Kalpana.

    Q.1.: Dr. Kalpana, first of all, I congratulate you for getting presidential prize. But first, tell us why did you select the kindergarten as your career?

    Answer: Mr. Hakimuddin, a very good question and I want to give the answer of your question in detail. The age from 4-8 years is very crucial for the children. This is the buildup stage for the children. At this stage children need special care and treatment. If you use the traditional method of teaching, children will not learn. After doing my Ph. D. in "children Psychology and class room tearning", I came to know that the children need some special methods of teaching so that they can learn in the classrooms. So, it is my passion to teach the kindergarten students with some special methods and to find innovative methods of teaching for the children.

    Q. 2.: You have received presidential prize for the innovation, let us know what was that innovation?

    Answer: As I have told you, the kindergarten students needs special methods of teaching, so, I was working for last five years to find some new techniques to teach these students. Now I have found this technique. If you teach the students with the play method they will learn fast. I have prepared new syllabus and have innovative tools to teach these students. You will find the result after some years.

    Q.3: My last question Dr. Kalpana, you are going to retire after five months. What would you like to do after the retirement for the education of these students?

    Answer: Very important questions Mr Hakimuddin, I will continue my service for the students of the kindergarten. I will try to find some more innovative methods of teaching and to aware the parents about the psychology of children. The parents also play an important role in the education of children so they should be awarded. Any school need my help, I will eagerly ready to help them. I will open an institution for the training of the teachers to teach these kindergarten students.

    Thanks Dr. kalpana, for giving time and to share your opinion. I hope you fulfill your dream of finding new innovative teaching methods for the students. Best of Luck.

    This is my entry for the interview contest .
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    An excellent thread from the author. He has brilliantly underlined the importance of kindergarten teachers in society. I like this interview with Dr. Kalpana.
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    Nice thread from the author asking very relevant questions and presenting the answers also in an appropriate manner.

    The selection of the questions and their to the point answer is remarkable.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good thread from the author and the questions asked were very pertinent and I thank the author for his thread and a good interview.
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    Thanks, Mr Partha, Mr Umesh and Dr. Rao for the words of your appreciations.
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    A nice interview presentation by the author bringing out the subtleties of educating the young minds.

    Education of children is definitely very important as it sets the foundation of their future life.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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