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    Search it in Gulgul and you will find it!

    We all know about the search engine Google. It is one of our trusted helping hands and come handy in many situations. There are popular jokes also about Google's all-knowing capabilities but they are just jokes. Nowadays, even a kid knows about Google and searches something in it by borrowing Dad's mobile. All of us are aware how helpful it is when we are in a group of friends and want to know about an interesting destination.

    It's so useful that the term 'search' can be replaced at times with 'Google'. Many times during conversation we say 'Google it' in place of search it in Google. There are people who lovingly attribute a special name or term to a person or object and I came across one such interesting name for Google.

    I was sitting inside the railway station and following the conversation of two people. From their discussions and way of talking it is understood that they do not have the formal education but very much inquisitive to know different things. One of them suddenly quipped "search it in Gulgul and you will find where it is". The person repeatedly used the term Gulgul and everybody around them started laughing after hearing this. We all understood he was referring to Google.
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    Very good. It speaks about the popularity of the Google search engine. It has penetrated itself into the people of all ages and all kinds. Even a small shop owner in a small village today knows about Google and he will use the same for his requirement. A car driver and a bus conductor also talk about Google. Such is the popularity of this search engine. Google it is a new phrase coined these days for conducting a search. The person may be calling it Gul Gul. But he knows what for it is useful and how to use the site for his requirement. That knowledge is very important and Google is able to give you the required inputs in no time. Thanks to Google.
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    I recall up my old days, whenever, some doubt cropped up relating to studies or otherwise, it took a couple of days to resolve the problems by means of books, magazines or from the school teachers. Google on those days were lesser known or may be it did not exist way back in 1965. With the the progress of time, it has been so popular that even a child of five year can enjoy any sight of his choice.
    There are some people in our society who can misspell the name Google but they know the way how it can be used conveniently for their own benifits.

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    Yes, the word 'Google' is now known to almost 80% of the world population. Even those who haven't touched a computer till now, have heard this word. Sometime I wonder how has the company made it possible.

    Whether we call it Google, Gulgul, Gogol, Goggles, Golgol, etc., it is immaterial. We know about this search engine.

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    Yes, it is very much popular all over India. Google is going to make their presence in every walk of human life. We all depend on the google. Google Map, Google translate, etc. As the author observed it becomes a slang from children to elders. I observed the same with the village people who don't know the name Google but pointing to words mobile device and said: "Isme Dekho"( Look into it). This is nothing but the power of information technology. So we can say Google is the most trusted brand.
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    Hehe...It shows how much famous is Google among the people even though they may not have used it. It is the search engine which is widely used all over the world. The first-ever Google Doodle was a Burning Man stick figure that came out on August 30, 1998.

    Without Google, we are incomplete as no one knows everything and to know which no one knows one has to take the help of Google.


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    A hilarious incident. It shows how popular Google is in the general public.

    There are many search engines which are being powered by powerful servers but none has been so well known in public.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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