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    A true tear-jerker to this day. I saw the reaper take her away

    I love reading tragedies or tear-jerkers as they are referred to in popular media. I never thought these tragedies can knock at my door. I was 13 then. My grandmother sick with Parkinsons was lying on a bed in my uncle's house. My mom would ritually pick me up from school at 4 and we would visit grandma together. Mom usually changes the sheets that my poor immobile grandma had soiled. On my way to my uncle's home mom told me that grandma was sick. She told me grandma hasn't eaten for two days now. I was then a staunch believer in Hanuman. I once dubiously looked at the clear blue sky and the vast blueness assured me that grandma will live. This is a habit of mine, I try to predict deaths by clouds, to assure myself that my loved ones would live. I never went wrong until now. Grandma can't die with a clear blue sky outside. Right? Why was the 200 meter ride from school to the uncle's home taking so long? Maybe my burdened heart is slowing us down. We finally reached the uncle's home. Uncle and aunt went out to bring groceries leaving, me, my mom and my mom's two cousins to take care of my grandmother. I am sure there were more people but my memory is quite hazy for details. It was time to change grandma's sheets. It was around 4:30 pm, the sky started looking murky with blots of dark clouds. Dread set upon me. But grandma was given food by my mom just now and she happily ate it. That's a sign of recovery ,right?
    My cousin had to lift grandma to help my mom change her sheets. He lifted her and placed her on a water bed lying on the floor. No sooner did her body touch the water bed, she went limp. Her arms made a prayer position and blood seeped from her mouth, eyes and nose. I was right there, standing right before her, when the grim reaper struck her and took her life. I stood unbelieving. Her death looked so instantaneous and painful. My relatives immediately called up a doctor to confirm her death. I just crawled myself to the gate and poured all my anger and sorrow out. I thought I would never stop crying. I cursed and threatened every God I knew and begged for a miracle. Doctor came out to tell the news after examining her. I didn't lift my head up. But only disappointment and distrust came to me when the doctor told she's been dead for ten minutes by then. It was the first death I saw. Why did it have to be grandma. I loved her so much. I cried for hours that day. Strangely, after few hours I had moved on. Tears won't come anymore. My anger died out too. I just sat remembering that death can strike you anytime and the only time you are safe from death is when you are not alive.

    This is my entry for TOW
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    The author explained a real event what he has seen very well and posted for the TOW contest on TearJerker. The author showed the love and affection he has for his grandma and made the presentation very impressive.
    always confident

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    A vivid and poetic narration of the death of grandmother which has affected the heart of a child. Nicely brought out by the author. The feelings of one family member for another is depicted in this post in a very sentimental way and has been very effective to convey the feelings to its readers.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Nicely narrated. I am sure most of us will have similar story one way or other.

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    A good narration. The relation between a child and his grandma is depicted nicely here and the emotion of loosing a close relation is felt in this story. Some relations are always special and a child never wants to lose his grandparents. The special feelings remained intact throughout the thread.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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