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    My dear Forum post! Everybody including me has forgotten you

    Dear friend! When I was developing you (the lecture), I did a little bit of research and painstakingly tried to make you interesting and popular to the Members and Editors of ISC.

    Unfortunately, I failed in my endeavour. You did not get any award. Only very few Members read you. The Editors did not acknowledge you. And, above all, I forgot you. How could I forget you when I had made so much effort to develop you!

    Today, I suddenly remembered you. It took me some time to locate you. I have found that you are lying there unnoticed, ignored. No additional point has been allocated to you. No cash credit has been given to you.

    My unpopular Forum post! Sorry for the neglect which you have endured.
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    Partha, After seeing this post I also remembered that I have also made a classroom lecture on a topic and you have appreciated my presentation. I have gone and seen my forum post and observed that for me also there are no enhanced points or CC. Probably in the contest announcement, there is no mention about additional points or CC for non-prize winning entries. Otherwise, generally, our editors will never forget giving those benefits. Another reason may be both yours and mine may not be found suitable for the extra points and CC.
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    I was the winner of a classroom lecture contest and I never thought that I would be the winner as I found that many of the lectures were better than me but that's what i felt and the editors felt otherwise. I think they would have forgotten to award you the cash credit. Hope they will remember after seeing your thread.

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    I have verified the entries for the said contest and found none of the non-winning entries have been given enhanced points and c.c. Also there was no mention that the entries would be given c.c either in the announcement thread or the result announcement. There is no point in raising a separate thread about non-crediting of c.c.

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