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    'Tear-Jerker' in a way of life # how do you see this?


    When you look to anything around yourself then you began to observe that nothing in this world is in its place and this began to create some pessimistic atmosphere around you & within yourself. When this feeling continues to grow than you seem to have shattered or devastated of every aspects of your life. If we do some analyses that is this true to its fact or you are in some fantasy land wherein everything is imaginary or this could be our mental state to some unexpected circumstances which we unable to bear & handle but one thing is for sure that we all are in a way facing these in a way or the other.

    If I quote then,

    "if we all have to exchange with the grief & pain of each other than this would be something impossible for us to do so."

    The several instances can be taken from the real life itself. In few, have we ever have tried to get the hidden feelings of the family whose son died on war front or what about a newlywed woman who just lost her husband or what about a man who just became unemployed with a complete family to support or what about the family who although is well equipped with the resources but their child is handicapped. What about those who lost their parts during Dashehra celebrations in Punjab that although alive but almost like lost of life. The miseries are endless but few learn to get the maturity above to these circumstances & to come-up with something meaningful & became an idol for others to inspire & motivate in order to become big. We got with the little choices but still it's completely of ours.

    Entry for TOW.
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    A philosophical thread. Many things will be happening around and when we see them for some time we will feel disturbed . But slowly we will move on.Even people who have problems with in the family has to survive and for that they have to make their livelihood. They have to pull on their lives. But when ever we remember those incidents we will become emotional and we may have tears in our eyes. But as a human being momentarily we will get the grief but we may forget it quickly.
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