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    My mom's memories are a tear jerker for me.

    Let me share my story with you.

    My childhood was not good because my mother died when I was just 4 years. It has been 38 years when my mother passed away.

    It's not digestible that a 4-year child-like me could have such deep memories but it is said that when you lose someone who dies in front of you then you remember it for the whole of your life.

    I remember me and my mother went to the village during my summer vacations where she fell ill, My maternal grandparents were worried as there was no good doctor in the village, moreover, she was to be taken to the doctor in the city when there was no conveyance available at that time in the rural areas. She was taken to the specialist doctor that day. I was calmly watching her as she was staring at me with tears in her eyes.

    She was diagnosed with cholera which was a dreadful disease in those days. The doctor said she should be taken to Delhi for better and timely treatment.

    We hired a taxi to Delhi and on the way, she asked my grandmother to look after me if she dies. It took us around 1.5 hours to reach Delhi but on the gate of our house, she died. Everyone in the taxi was crying loudly but I was still sitting quietly as I couldn't understand what was going on.

    My father also was crying when we entered the house. Her dead body was lying on the ice pack as we were waiting for the relatives for the funeral. I still didn't know what was happening and was busy playing with the friends. They took her dead body and came after the funeral. The day went i did not ask for her but the next day I asked about her and they said she was called by God and now won't come back ever. I was worried and for the first time I cried and asked my father to call her back, he won't return now.

    It's been 38 years when she died but still her memories bring tears in my eyes. Life goes on and my father remarried and the discrimination among my stepbrothers and us (me and my real brother) increased day by day which deepened my mother's memories.

    Today also when I am 42 years I still miss her and wish if she were alive and could see us. I know she is watching us and maybe with her blessings we have been living happily.

    Her memories are always tearjerkers for me.

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    A real tear jerker. My sympathies to you. It is very difficult to come up in the life without the support of parents. That will become a big problem if the step mother steps in. Anyhow you withstood all those problems and now doing well. It is very difficult to forget those memories. Definitely her memories will be tear jerkers only.
    My mothet's father was very close to me. He was unwell and admitted in the hospital. I phoned up and asked my mother whether I should come to see him. But she told he was alright and would be relieved from the hospital the next day morning. But unfortunately he died next day early morning. I had seen only his dead body. Whenever I remember that incident I will get tears in my eyes. Hence I can understand the pain you had.

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    Feeling sorry after reading this thread. At an age of 51(+), I miss the physical presence of my mother who is away in Kolkata. I do talk to her everyday but still, I am not satisfied. I can understand how you feel.
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    We understand your loss and the sentiments attached with it.

    You have made a nice narration out of your sad childhood and shared with us. Really very emotional and touching.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    # Yes, Dr Rao it's very painful when we lose our own. I didn't felt her demise in the childhood but when I grew up I missed her a lot.

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    Losing one's near and dear is a heart breaking and saddest moment in one's life. The contribution and role of our mother is immense in not only our life but in the life of all the family members.

    How can we forget her. The silent runner of the family in the background.

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