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    No Crocodile tears, this tear-jerker is real

    There is a sure tear-jerker in my home. I am dead sure that after reading this you all will agree with me.
    The situation is that, in my home none of us watch any of the stereotype serials in TV channels. It is decades since we went for a movie in a theatre. So you may think that we are totally devoid of any tear-jerker occasions.

    I can only partially agree. Yes we are successful to keep at bay a lot of external, tear-jerkers. But the irony is that I have enough occasions to shed tears as there is a permanent tear-jerker at my home. Though my wife is the cause of that, she herself is not the culprit. Yes, you are now having a vague guess of the real culprit. I am not prolonging the suspense.

    It is none other than the Onion-Shallot. The homely small onions. As he is needed in our staple curry Sambar, he (or she) has a very privileged presence in our home. To skin the onions is the only job my wife gives me as a privilege. Till day I have not found a real protection from the tears, though I tried a lot.

    Now you know, who is the real tear-jerker at my home.

    (TOW entry)
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    Ha ha ha, a good write-up to explain the real tear-jerker at home. Onions do give us tears. There are few jokes associated with it and one such joke goes like this ; The wife went out with her friends leaving the husband at home. In the evening the husband called up his friends at home for a party. The friends came and found the husband sitting beside the dining table with heavy tears. The friends then asked him is he crying because his wife has gone out leaving him at home? The man explained he was not crying but skinned the onions to serve them with snacks.

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    Haha a really unique thread. Kept me thinking until the very reveal. Great job.
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    Hehe, .that's real tear-jerker. You can apply a few methods to avoid tears while cutting onions like a cut onion with a very sharp knife or cut them underwater.

    Yea we all face this problem while cutting onions.

    Nice thread, I read it with curiosity as the title is catchy .


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    Very nice post. The real tear-jerker. Everybody will be facing this situation many times in the house. The author narrated well the post. We generally, keep onions in the refrigerator for 24 hours before we cut it. That is why we will not get any tears when my wife is cutting onions. She will also get very very fewer tears in her tears. By any chance, if we forgot to keep in the refrigerator we will get tears. A different concept brought in by the author. Very well done.
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    Venkiteswaran Sir,
    Onion is really a tear-jerker. But you did not learn the art of peeling onions. I remember having read an ISC member's suggestion to overcome the tear-jerking onion. Just soak the onion for few minutes in water, and then peel it. You may not have to shed tears.

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