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    Shedding tears is the way to express our heart pain

    If the heart hesitates to digest the things around it. It can show it's action either in positive or in negative. Such positive sign could be shown in the form of tears. It is not the tears because of peeling the onions. For example, a poor man with a wound on his leg I saw in a railway station. A small pain is raised in my heart. I felt the experience of the pain at the moment. That man is an outer of my family. The same thing whether it is death or injury happens in my family, the same pain comes out in the form of tears. That happened to me at the time of my grand father's death. I could not stop my tears while carrying my grand father's body to bury place.

    Our beloved one left from us and if he or she could not come back, then the mental state of us is stable if and only if our tears are to be completely vanish by shedding.
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    You have produced a very factual think here in the thread and you have empathy towards others pain. It found rarely. You are a good heart person. Losing someone who's is closed to us and facing such pain is very difficult for many of us. This pain is unavoidable and everyone has to go through it.
    Well done is better than well said

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    It is true. When we see somebody gets hurt we feel sorry for him. We will try our best to help the person who got affected. This is the what is expected by one from the other person. The pain will be more and it will turn to tears when it happens to our near and dear. A good presentation by the author.
    always confident

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