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    India must help in the nation building process of Pakistan brick by brick and the time is right now.

    It has been 10 years since the horrific attack on the economic capital of India. India-Pakistan relationship has been on the downturn ever since. In fact, since the 2003 cease-fire agreement, no improvement of ties is visible in the near future. We must understand the narrative in Pakistan is on the perpetual stability being insecure. Until this narrative changes, India cannot build upon Gujral doctrine or the Panch Sheel. For this, the only possibility is that India must engage with the civil society of Pakistan by building schools, improving civilian infrastructure through NGOs and developing people to people contacts as India is able to have G-G ties presently. India must engage with the four power centers namely the CIvilian Government, Army, ISI and religious leaders. Pakistan has a vibrant civil society and India must make good use of it. This is the only way to prevent 26/11 in future. India must understand that in Pakistan, G-G must be through and has always been the Rawalpindi side and not through the Islamabad side.
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    As far as I know, the Points of "Gujral Doctrine" are as mentioned below.
    1. The main point was that India would have to establish a faithful relationship with her neighbouring countries like the Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.
    2. If India has done some favourable actions to her neighbours, India need not ask anything in return from neighbours.
    3. The South Asian countries should not allow its territory to be used against the interest of another country of the same region.
    4. No country should interfere in the internal matters of the neighbouring country.
    5. All South Asian nations should resolve the disputes through peaceful bilateral negotiations.
    6. All the South Asian countries will help each other to cope up with any natural and economic crisis.
    If our country tries to have a connection directly with various wings of the neighbouring country is it not going against the above understanding. If we spend our resources for the upliftment of other country's citizens, is it not going to backfire on us as there are many poor people in India who are waiting for a helping hand.
    Another point the help we may extend to build the nation may be like bringing up a snake by giving food. But a snack is always dangerous. How it behaves over a period of time can't be predicted.

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    I don't support with this type of assistance to Pakistan. The nation Pakistan is not a democratic state but is in fact a religious state or a country which is based on certain beliefs & is not flexible enough to support or welcome other communities. The Pakistan is dying a slow death & so let it be because we have more important things to do for our nation.

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