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    A kind request to ISCians: Double check before you submit your content


    Again we are bringing up this request, as we are repeatedly encountering a lot of spelling mistakes in the forum thread, particularly when writing a name. For instance, in a forum thread regarding Mary Kom's victory, the name was misspelt in the title and in one of the responses as 'Marie Com' and some members have typed out the same spelling in their responses as well. Do not just pick up typos from the title or from earlier responses! Similarly, while posting congratulatory messages in the winner announcement threads, some members often misspell the name of our ISC members too, including my name. So, instead of just typing the spelling as written by others, we request you to check and type the correct spelling.

    Typo errors are common. Sometimes, you may type it incorrectly when you are in haste and sometimes words may change while you type from your phone keyboard in a dictionary mode. Likewise, we can give n number of reasons for our mistakes. But it is not acceptable to misspell a word or a name of a person including that of an ISC member and of other public personalities. Before submitting your content, kindly check the grammar, spelling of the words and names which you have typed. Confirm the correct spelling of a name as well and don't assume the thread author or a responder has given the correct one. Checking the content once or twice before submission will help us to avoid such major mistakes. So, please double check your content before you submit.
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    Is there any tool in our mobile to check the spelling and grammar mistake?
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    A valid suggestion from the ISC's new editor Soundharya. Spelling and grammar mistakes can be corrected by using an online tool. But the names of individuals has to be double checked for its correctness. Name of an individual is very prestigious to that individual. It should be free from mistakes. No compromise.

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    There is a tool Prasanna. Even your keyboard's autocorrect is one. Use autocorrect to avoid mistakes in spelling complex words. Other than that there is a website that corrects your grammar, spelling and gives word count. It is called But since the issue is not typo here but misspelling of names, I don't think any app can save you from that. You just have to cross check different sources.
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    It is true. We should be careful in typing the names of the persons and we should see the spellings correctly. As mentioned by the Editor one should check the submission after typing for any corrections and then only it should be submitted. Even after submitting we can read it immediately and if there is any correction immediately we can edit. I think all of us will follow the suggestion from the editor.
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    Being a human being we can't be perfect or even good all the times & therefore might be making some mistakes unintentionally but reminders from the experts could be a good step in order to control our acts by verifying the contents before & even after our submissions.

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    It is really important that we should check our spellings and other likely typos before submitting a post. Sometimes in our hurry we do such mistakes but a little patience is always beneficial in these maters.

    I am most of the times using the free app Grammarly for checking my posts, articles etc. It can be installed in our mobiles or laptops and is available in Google play store. It corrects all the spelling mistakes and other things like hyphen in the words and inclusion of 'a' or 'the' or ' , ' wherever required. It removes unnecessary spaces also from the text. I am finding it quite useful as it is enhancing the quality of our contributions in ISC.

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    @Prasanna #653883.
    ISC has facilitated a tool named Grammarly. We can se the prompt when we start a new thread.
    You may get more details in the response by Managing Editor, Vandanain this thread. You may also get names of some other tools also in the same thread given in other responses.

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    I would like to repeat here what I mentioned in some other threads about using online tools to correct grammar - I do not wholly rely on them. When I use Grammarly, I find that it underlines in red certain words which it thinks are incorrect, whereas actually, I am using the correct word. The tool does not have those little grey cells to register in its software the sentence context and so I prefer relying on my own knowledge of English - and my own grey cells!

    As far as names are concerned, surely it does not take much time to look up correct names of people and also to check out the correct spelling of a member's name. It is Soundharya and not Soundarya, Vandana and not Vandnana, Juana and not Jauna, Dr Rao and not Dr Roa. Also, please check whose response you are referring too since quite a few members are mixing up similar names, such as Neeru and Neethu.

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    Grammarly keyboard is also available in google play, you can download and use of your android phone. I have installed it couple of days ago. It is really very nice and I will recommend you to use this keyboard for grammar and typo error checking.
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    A very important thread to remind us about the importance of revision. It's always necessary to read the post before submitting and after a thorough reading typos can also be detected. There are few tools available that many members have already mentioned and the MS Word itself has the features to check spelling and grammar. Though, at times the sentences are underlined because of some 'syntax errors' according to the inbuilt functions, there are many instances when actually those underlined ones turn out to be correct.

    At times, we may overlook the typos and in those cases if they are underlined in red it becomes prominent to notify us. Even the reply box in the forum section notifies us any spelling mistakes, if we use it from a Computer and I find it very useful. But one thing in which we all have to be extra cautious is the spelling of names. We must check twice with the original spelling of the names before submission.


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    After reading the above responses, Soundharya madam, I remember that the spelling mistake in the name pays an insult to that person. I won't promote any app here but I could say only one thing that committing mistakes is common to every person. But that is to be rectified without saying by others as it is a mistake again and again. This thread may be the answer to stop such mistakes committed by the members if they are doing.
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