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    Memories of a tomcat - still a tear-jerker

    It was a tomcat (male cat) having grey and black colour. I found him as a kitten separated from his mother in my backyard. He was very friendly and came to me on my first call and started to snuggle on my feet. At that time I was staying in a old cottage type residential quarter allotted to me by my department and had some small lawn in the front of this single house and some land on the sides as well as on the back side. Soon the kitten started playing there. My wife saw the kitten and being an animal lover offered him some milk etc which he quickly finished and started asking for more. Initially we did not allow him inside the house and he was sleeping near bushes and playing and running after the butterflies and little birds sitting here and there on the lawns.

    Slowly we allowed him inside the house also and he remained in the house as well as went out for long times. We named him and just called him Kalu. We were feeding him regularly. Gradually he became like a member of the family.

    2-3 years passed and by that time it grew up as an adult tomcat sometimes very aggressive to the nearby cats, birds and especially the rats which were often coming out in the night. Anyway, he was very affectionate with us and we used to miss him when he was roaming outside.

    Meanwhile, I got my transfer to another place and with a heavy heart we left him there only and went to the new place. It is difficult to keep a tomcat as a pet in a new environment and moreover I was going to a big city where I was going to stay in a flat.

    We were missing him much and then I got an opportunity to go to my earlier place for some work and I just visited the cottage where we lived. There was a new occupant there and they told me that the tomcat was coming there regularly and sometimes crying and searching us. Though they were giving him food but he was always trying to find us among that family.

    I stayed there for some time and then it happened. Kalu was there on the back door and as he recognised me he jumped and just sat on my chest purring and making strange sounds. My eyes filled with tears. With a heavy heart, I left the place. Kalu was staring towards me.

    Today also when I remember the whole episode it acts like a tear-jerker.

    This is my entry for the TOW tear-jerker contest.
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    The pet animals will be very affectionate and they can't forget their masters so easily. They remember them for long and they will be faithful to them. The author has narrated the story well and it is tear-jerker to the readers also. We are also feeling bad for Kalu. Anyhow, I feel Kalu will get acquainted with another family and slowly forget the old friend and will spend a happy time. It may take some time for this.
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    Animals unlike us do not forget people easily especially the dogs and cats.

    I remember in my childhood a cat used to come to my house and we offered her milk and then she started to come daily to feed. She became so friendly that she used to jump on us. The best part is she never uses to come in unless we used to call her. She was very obedient. Things were going so good suddenly she found dead on the road and got to know that she was killed by the stray dogs. That was sad but that's life.

    It sounds good that tomcat was searching you and it shows how attached he was with you.


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    A good narration that tells us pets always become family members. No matter whether it's a cat, dog or bird, it will give us tears in their absence. I do not have a pet but have heard a lot about their nature from different people.

    Few years ago, one of our neighbours was so shocked after the death of her pet that the whole family couldn't eat properly for a couple of days. It's evident form their behaviour that feelings remain same whether it's of a human or animal.


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    Animals-pet animals - have a feeling of loyalty and attachment. They do a lot fo the master in response to the petting and care the master showers on them.
    Recently I saw a whatsapp video clip showing the excitement and reaction of a zoo Lion, when it saw its old master lady at the zoo. The Lion was putting its limbs out through the railings and embraced the master lady and was kissing her in affection and excitement. It was given there that she was rearing the lion when the government took away the animal quoting laws and kept it in zoo. After many days she was allowed to visit the zoo and that was the situation.
    There was afol tale during my child hood days about an elephant which went wild and was creating havoc. But whenit saw a young girl, it stopped and shifted it to safety by carrying it on its trunk. It was said that the girl used to give the elephant near her home a fruit daily when she was a small child. This was that elephant and it remembered the child with gratitude. There are many such stories of animals.

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    A good narration about the affectionate tomcat. It is true that animals never forget their owners. They will recognise them and will show their love in their own ways of expressing it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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