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    A real tear-jerker in my life

    When we move around in public places we will be noticing many incidents. Some of them will be very painful and we feel bad for the people who are suffering. But we will pull on with our works and we will forget the incident witnessed by us. But if the same issue happens to a known person that pain will be more and we will remember for a little more time. If the same issue happens to a friend or a relative we will feel very bad and we will get tears in our eyes. But after sometime we will forget. If the same thing happens in our family we remember the incident long and whenever we think of it we will have our eyes filled with tears. Every one of us will have such experiences. This pain will be very high when a very close person leaves us and travels out of the world. My father's brother's demise was a tear- jerker to me. Even after two decades of his death whenever I remember the incident my eyes will be full of tears only.

    My father was having two brothers. The elder among the two was a school teacher. During my school days, I used to study in the same school where my uncle was working as a teacher. He used to show a lot of love and affection towards me. He was having 7 daughters and one son. My uncle used to struggle a lot. Before and after school hours he used to take tuitions to students. He was also working for a private insurance company as a field officer. He was working almost 17 hours a day without any rest. I was also taking tuition from him. I used to move very close to him. One day I asked him that why he was struggling so much. He said he was having many family responsibilities like children's education and marriages to his daughters etc. He was having BP and diabetics. Even though he was suffering he never stopped working. He managed to earn good money and kept on the names of his daughters for their marriage. He retired from the job but continued to work in a private college. I met him on his 61st birthday. He told me that he was thinking of taking complete rest and wanted to stop all tuitions and other works from the next academic year. But the saying is true man proposes but God disposes. His health got spoiled and expired within 4 months from that day. Even one day before his death he had gone to the school and took classes. He struggled throughout his active life for his children. Now all his children are well settled. As I moved with him very closely I know the hardships he underwent for fulfilling his responsibilities towards his children, I always feel pity for him. I have never seen him enjoying his life. Whenever I remember him or whenever I see his children, his desire to take rest will come to my mind and I will have tears in my eyes.

    My submission to Topic-based tow contest on tear-jerker.
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    Certain events, though we can easily rationalise and philosophise on them- give us shocks and great sadness. In ourlife we get attached to certain people even though we may not stay with them. Their departure will make us sad.

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    The demise of a person with whom we have a great bonding and affection leads to a sadness and void in our life. Such a person will always remain in our memory and it will bring back those sad moments even now.
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    That's a very sad story of your uncle. It's very tough to raise 8 kids when one has to feed them and educate them when everything is so expensive these days.

    From your story, it looks your uncle was very hard working and had lots of responsibilities due to which he could never think of himself. In my opinion, his kids should have thought about him and asked him to take rest complete rest after retirement. I understand he was working at an old age because of the financial needs. It happens we all money for money and in that, we don't enjoy our life.


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    A good narration detailing the hardships the author's uncle went through to carry out the responsibilities. As a head of a big family he had to think of everything and that's why took all the pains ignoring his health issues.

    It's a pity that he couldn't enjoy himself because of his responsibilities but allowed others in the family to lead a good life. There are a few people like him who never think of themselves to carry out the responsibilities of others. This type of people are hard to find.


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