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    Does paper and books too add to the waste?

    Are papers and books a waste? Do printed materials add to pollution just because they are not read? The author is of the opinion that if one does not choose to read a printed material, it is a waste because the paper that is made out of wood pulp destroy the environment due to the cutting of trees. You may comprehend the thought with your own views. Whether read or perused or otherwise, can you say that a printed matter is a waste and a threat to the environment just because the paper on which it is printed is a waste for want of readers?

    We are discussing a lot about plastic waste these days. Authorities are taking legal actions against the use of plastic carry bags in the markets. However, the results are very poor and most of the open places are contaminated by plastics in different forms.

    Now it is time to think about the misuse of paper and the resulting environmental disaster due to it. This misuse is resulting in the destruction of a large number of trees, which adversely affect the atmosphere.

    If we look at the books published in different languages, the number is going on the increase. But this increase is in the number (quantity) and not in the quality (the contents). If we go through the contents of the books published, many of them could be seen not worthy of reading. If we step into a library, we can see most of the books are not even opened by readers. This is the case with college/ university libraries too. The same is the situation of magazines and journals published. No serious articles appear there.

    However, the paper is used for all these and as a result, the paper is simply wasted. A detailed discussion is needed in this issue.
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    A thought provoking thread by the author where an important aspect of published books which are not read by the readers is taken up. Now, the question is can we term those books which are not read as waste? It's true many trees are cut for making papers and when papers are not used but kept in a corner inside the cupboard of a library, we can think it's a waste.

    But who knows, few people may actually go inside those libraries in search of reference books and can surf through the pages to seek the necessary information. Though nowadays the chances are very less because of the advent of e-books and I feel there must be a check on the publication of hard copies.

    Earlier, people used to go to libraries and search information in different books for their academic studies as well as for own interests. Nowadays we are getting all kinds of information just by tapping on the smart devices and rarely youngsters think of purchasing books excepting the necessary ones required for their academic purpose. The pollution is rising alarmingly and many methods are thought of to check it.

    While a hard copy of the book is always handy and is in use since long, people who are much used to online reading may find it a bit difficult. A balance has to be found where the number of published hard copies may be restricted but can always be reprinted when there is a demand.


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    It is true. I hundred 100% agree with the author. These days if we see the daily newspaper, we will find many pages of advertisements and the reader will not even see the advertisement completely. Again district editions with classified advertisements. Many small issues happened in different areas will be reported there. But nobody will see the details also. For these papers to get printed a lot of paper is required and consequently, wood is required for making the paper. So by having more printed information we are encouraging tree cutting and deforestation.
    In the same way, as mentioned by the author, many books are getting printed and they are waiting in the libraries for want of readers. As such they are becoming the dead stock in the libraries. So we should think before getting any matter printed. Online libraries and online newspapers are solutions to control this paper waste also.

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    Recycled paper is what I consider a real waste because they cant be further broke down to be useful. Newspapers go waste a lot. Some homes use these newspapers to make good decor. It is actually trending now. Paper works. Just few days ago I saw a couch with its cover made entirely of newspaper. Artists have long ago noticed how much paper is going waste. So they have already started this business I making paper bags and other wonderful paper products which are actually quite durable and are obviously degradable.
    This is the same reason why I don't buy books anymore. Everything academic or for my reading hobby comes from e-book stores. Ebooks are very very reliable. You can have them saved in many destinations so losing them is never a question. They are not prone to damage. I think many other readers like me have also switched to ebooks.

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    A nice thread by the author. It is very true that now a days people are not having a habit of reading books and even some of the them have it they prefer to read online.

    So the printed books are becoming a waste only. The authorities and the planners have to devise ways to restrict the printing of books to a minimal quantity to check the ruthless cutting of trees.

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    The picture of paper industry is not completely known to all. An estimate says about four billion trees are cut for that industry. In other words 35% of the total trees are being used for paper industry continuously. In several countries large scale planting of trees also are being taken up, in order to compensate.

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    Nice thread started by the author. No doubt paper is manufactured by cutting off the trees and when more trees are cut it harms the environment. Plants help to clean our environment but when we cut them our environment remains polluted. It's better to recycle papers as we pollute our atmosphere when papers go waste.

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