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This entry wins the first prize for the Dual Role Interview contest.
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    An exclusive interview with Lavanya Krishnan, a wildlife photographer

    Hello Everybody! Here, we have India's first female wildlife photographer, Ms. Lavanya Krishnan along with us. In this interview, let me rapidly flash some interesting questions to the lenswoman of India and get to know about her and her love for photography. Before I lock her with questions, I feel proud to share my hearty congratulations to Ms. Lavanya, for winning the International Wildlife Photographer award for the year 2018, on behalf of the whole country.

    Q.1-Me: Welcome to the show Ms.Lavanya! Let me start the interview with your prestigious award. So, how did you really feel when you hear your name in the international arena?

    Lavanya: First of all, thanks a lot for your wishes! As an Indian I really felt proud and when the presenter announced "the International Wildlife Photographer award for the year 2018- goes to Lavanya Krishnan from India", my heart bounced out of joy. Actually, in the nomination list, I found many brilliant photographs of the world's best wildlife photographers and I felt very happy to find my name amongst them on the list. I didn't even expect that my snap of a snake catching a frog would grab an award. It was a big surprise and of course, I should thank the nature and God.

    Q.2-Me: Wow! That is amazing. We all know that wildlife photography is not an easy profession. But as a female professional wildlife photographer, what are the challenges you face in your profession?

    Lavanya: I don't find any difference between a male and a female. As you said, wildlife photography is one of the challenging jobs because as a human we can't predict the weather, lighting conditions and the unexpected behavior of the animals and the birds living in the forest. So, before entering the spot, we usually select a subject and will do a complete research about the history of the subject, particularly about the location and the behavior of the animal or bird. Most importantly to capture a perfect moment in the right time at the right place, we need creativity and patience to wait because sometimes the animal/bird which you are looking for will not show up for a long time. We may also face some environmental challenges especially in the forest areas or national parks. Though there a lot of challenges in wildlife photography, every time my passion and love for wildlife photography helps me to forget all the challenges I encounter in my profession. One perfect snap is enough to erase all of my problems.

    Q.3-Me: Great, that sounds amazing! As a wildlife photographer, you would have come across different countries in the world and would have seen a different species of both flora and fauna. Since you spend most of the time with nature, animals and birds, you might be aware of the species that are on the verge of extinction. So, what is your opinion on nature and wildlife conservation?

    Lavanya: It is important to conserve both nature and wildlife. Like human beings, animals and birds do have an amazing life. But apart from forest fire and other natural disasters, a lot of activities such as deforestation, trading of raw materials from forest resources, poaching of wildlife, etc. by human create a serious threat to nature and leads to the loss of biodiversity. These human activities must be controlled and more awareness campaigns should be conducted to address this issue. The life of human depends on nature. So, we must hold the responsibility to the conserve the beauty and the life of nature.

    This is my entry for the Dual Role Interview Contest
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    A very good interview on an interesting profession. It's always challenging to be a wildlife photographer because the nature is always unpredictable and the photographer has to brave many odds at times to get the perfect click.

    It's always exciting to interview an international award winner and this interview touched the important aspects of wildlife photography to give the readers an overview of the profession.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A good interview presented by the author. The three questions asked were very pertinent and the answers were also in line with the questions. The wildlife photography is a very good profession and the people who like photography will like this wildlife photography also. The author touched upon the destruction of forests by human beings and the after effects also very nicely. The importance of propagating the concept of protecting forests was also brought out nicely.
    always confident

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    Good write up. It does not appear to be a contest entry, but a real one. Appreciations.

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    Well presented. A woman photographer winning wildlife photography award is a contemporary idea flashed by the author in this splendid interview.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A very good interview with the wildlife photographer. I am curious to know whether Lavanya has faced any problem in the forest as a lady. Has there been any danger because of her gender identity?

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    Reply to #654060
    Ghochuchandran, Here is the answer to your question.

    Lavanya: Wildlife photography is a risky job for both male and female. Before entering a forest, we usually get permission from the forest department and they will send a guide along with us to the spot, as they will be aware of the route and other details about the forest. There won't be any roads inside the dense forest, so it will be really difficult to walk for a long distance along with the camera and other equipment. Sometimes, we may suffer from an insect bite or an injury. Most importantly, animals don't see any difference in woman and man when they are hungry and searching for prey. So, inside the jungle area, a wildlife photographer must stay alert and have a look at all the directions. When you are busy concentrating only on the target through your camera lens, you may become a target for the animals like lion or tiger, which wander in the forest.

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    A very good answer. Thanks, Lavanya.

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