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    Suggested approach for giving responses to a forum thread.

    Posting responses to threads need to be taken seriously. Reading the thread and the responses, unless you are the first one, properly and posting a meaningful response will add value to the thread and also will influence those who follow. What do others feel about this suggestion? Let us discuss.

    I have learned one important aspect from the forum section. Giving responses to forum threads without being part of the discussion to increase the points is meaningless. According to me, reading the responses before giving a response to the forum thread is an important aspect. Comprehensive competency is developed if we follow the habit of reading forum responses. There is no need to think about the answer to the forum thread because the forum responses widen the thought process about a forum thread and our ideas and views automatically fall in place. I follow this method of reading the thread and the responses posted to give valuable responses.
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    It is always good to read the thread and the responses till that time to that particular thread before making your own response. Simply reading the thread and making your response is not good. Everyone should follow the suggestion given in this thread. A good thread from the author.
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    If each and every member thinks the way you think, there won't be any response to the thread post. All will wait for other members to post their responses to make up their information to post. It is not a good practice to be applied by the intelligent ISC members. One should have their own knowledge and wisdom. Your suggestion amounts to copy and paste in a modern way without any brainwork.

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    Yes, I have learned a lot and still learning for ISC family. I fail to contribute to the site due to my business. But whenever I get time I automatically come to this site only. This sites rule and guidelines are so designed that you can not skip the thread and the response to it. You have to develop the habit of giving meaningful and to the point response. Otherwise, our response automatically goes out of track. Forum section of ISC gives a platform learn naturally. Regular monitoring keeps us attentive to make our responses responsible and according to ISC guideline.
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    Good point. Quality of the content is more important than the quantity. I also used to give more focus on the quantity but now I have realised that it's the quality which differentiates you from others. Also the site gains from the quality contents only.

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    Rajee, please adopt a positive approach to such valid suggestions. If you are the first one to respond to a thread, read the thread properly and post a response in such a way that you add value to the thread and also act as a guide to those who post responses thereafter. The intention of the author of this thread seems to be that one should not ignore previous responses if any. The author of a thread might have an idea or an intention, it is for the others who follow to take the thread to the right place. Responses are as valuable as the thread itself if you are really serious about participating in a discussion.
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    An excellent post by the author regarding forum posts. It is very true that relevant and proper responses are the ones which are not only liked by others but also give a satisfaction of value addition to the response posting author.

    For any post there can be innumerable responses as any matter has varied dimensions in every direction of thought process. The opinions differ from person to person and individuals have different outlooks for the same thing. So there will never be any bankruptcy of good responses if one is serious to contribute to the core theme of a thread.

    Problem comes when one is in a hurry to put his response and misses the vital message or ideas embedded in those posts. It is always better to think ahead of writing and that is the only way to reach the heights of creative writing.

    Sometimes the concise and precise paras are much more effective than the lengthy narrations which wander in all the areas except the theme of the discussions. A good writer will never compromise with unnecessary material in his responses.

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    A very good thread by the author reminding the importance of reading the complete thread and all the replies properly when posting the response sometime later. It is the same method that is followed during any discussions and we express our views after checking the responses of others. There is no meaning if we repeat the same points mentioned by other members. It does not increase the value of the post rather makes it dull with repeated or off the track replies.

    A meaningful contribution to the posts add value to it and it is always important to know what others are saying. By following the replies properly, there is a possibility to notify the members if their replies are off the track and is always helpful to increase the capability to understand things in a better way.


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    This used to be the case when I joined ISC three years ago Sita. Comments would often lead to nowhere or just iterate what the main thread has said. But lately such mannerisms are rare to see. Since you raised this post maybe you came across one. With continuous announcements of group discussions and other contests like Ebook, ISCians have improved a lot in terms of connecting to a topic.
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    The active participation of all the members responding to a thread in the forum makes it interesting. The discussions should be objective and supported by facts wherever necessary. The responses should be to the point and concise. There may be slight deviations at times related to the topic. There is a tendency to be partial in a majority of the discussions. One should listen to the others and accept whenever there is a valid argument.
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    This is obviously the fact. Let's assume that one thread has just been posted than during this time we got enough time to read & analyses the whole concept but assume that by the time we get to know about a certain thread, we already having a numbers of respondents already & going through the whole of the respondents may not be the easy task but this needs a bit attention which is a good step in reminding us all of the same.

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    "Giving responses to forum threads without being part of the discussion to increase the points is meaningless."
    - a round of applause for that brilliant, insightful observation!

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    I believe in the same practice. Without reading the thread and the responses, it is difficult to understand the various viewpoints. Everyone has their own take on dfferent issues, so it is always right to keep ourselves aware of every thought process.

    Reading ia a must. Later a discussion on various reads gives a clear picture of different issues. To have agreemnt and disagreement is natural, but thorough reading of the thread and the responses make for a strong debate.


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    Editor Saji Ganesh,
    I always think positively. I liked the member's suggestion. A discussion should be based on the other members' responses. It should not be one way but two ways. Most of the thread topics raised in the forum section of ISC are not of discussing nature but of information only. Members post their own views, opinion and comments only. There are hardly few threads that call for a discussion. Members should endeavour to raise threads for discussion, not for information.

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    Rajee, why do you opt for discussions only? (I am yet to see you discussing). All forum threads need not be for discussions only. It can be for the sharing of ideas/ opinion too. A member might raise a thread based upon his views or ideas and you as a member can very well join by either agreeing or disagreeing or having a very different view. If a thread is just an information and is not worthy of a discussion, please do feel free to point it out. You are after all, responsible.
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    Editor Saji,
    If you go back and look at my records, you will find me discussing issues. I was once active and was inactive for a few years owing to my domestic commitments. Now I have time and am free to participate in ISC discussions. I shall discuss issues and share my views whenever I log in to ISC. Though I read the previous responses before posting my response, my own views and opinion formed will be final.

    I need not point out a thread which is not worthy of a discussion. I may keep away from such threads. ISC Editors are there to decide what is worthy and useless to deal with.

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    Going back and looking for your records is not necessary Rajee. Reading and understanding threads and responses do make a difference and you need to be aware (as a relatively inactive member, as you claim) Please be awakened to facts. And also have a look at this thread.
    "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."- Epictetus

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    Mr. Saji,
    I am a member who joined ISC before you. What difference does it make to you if you read and understand threads and responses of ISC members whether active or inactive? Are you or ISC affected by my threads and responses? Why do you link irrelevant threads? Why should I look at that thread?

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