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    Do you feel you have sufficient?

    Whenever I go to the shopping malls I see people purchasing the things even though they don't require them, they do because of the heavy discounts and the sale on them.

    Its pity because they waste their money in stocking things. I never buy things in bulk but buy things when I need them. Why should I block my money? Also, I know there are always new things come up in the market every day so I have a wide choice when I don't stock up the things.

    What's your opinion about this? Do you feel you have sufficient or do you believe in piling up the things even when they are not actually required?
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    The higher the money you have the higher the purchasing capacity. These days young people immediately after completing their B.Tech/BE are joining in IT companies and getting good salaries. So they have excess money in their pockets always. These days the concept of savings is not given much importance. So people are trying to purchase more and more materials. But personally, I am also against spending money on unnecessary things. I plan my expenses and accordingly, I will spend. So I will also purchase what is presently needed. But my sons are on purchasing mode always. They go to malls and purchase. They order online. Whether the item is required or not also sometimes they will not think. They say they are getting material very cheap. But the basic point that nobody will do business for a loss will be forgotten by them.
    I am of the opinion that spending money and keeping stocks of material in the house is not advisable and we should plan and spend accordingly only.

    always confident

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    The response is relative. When I see the trend is of continuous and consistent price rise, I used to buy a little more stock than necessary, especially of the non-perishables. When a festival season is approaching I am sure the price of those essentials to that festival will be rising. The increase will be much high towards the last few days. So it is prudent to buy and stock those items which have a more shelf life.

    I am consistently seeing that the price of detergents, dish wash liquid, hand wash etc are regularly and consistently rising batch after batch. So I buy some extra quantity and keep them, as they have more shelf life and even expiry does not affect much.

    Similarly when a new product is introduced that comes at an inaugural discount and offer. It is definite that once they get market the discounts and offers will not be there and even the initial quality will not be there. So such things, if after testing,I find them of good quality an like, I buy some more. We can use them as gifts or share them with our friends and relatives.

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    Nice post...

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    I don't feel anything wrong in that till the same is justified in accordance with the income. In the present market situations, the discounts are being prevailed on almost every brands which we witness while shopping. Because of changing trends the fashion is also changing which forces the commodities to change accordingly & this often got liked by the consumers & at the same time increasing the revenue & profits of the companies. In the scenario wherein the you are not interested into purchasing even though this found to be with heavy discounts then in future you might be spending more on the same commodities. The choice is up to you about how you take it.

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    Excess shopping is an addiction. With the present situation of Malls and lucrative discounts offered there in, the temptation to buy more only to pile up in the home store is gradually becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

    It is not easy to cure this addiction because people have plastic cards in their pocket which encourage them to buy on loan only to pay hefty interest on them later on.

    Knowledge is power.

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