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    A "tear jerker" which never fades away from life.

    It was a working day and I was in my college, resting and reading something in my room. Time must be past one o' clock. Our campus was divided by a high way into two. Telephone connection was available only on the side where the Dean's office was functioning. Dean's Assistant came to my room and told me that a telephone message was there for me. As per that message I was to start immediately to my residence here in my work place. My elder brother would come there and pick me and my family in a car to proceed further to our native place. A message from there said that my father was not well and we should reach there immediately.
    Accordingly we proceeded to our native place, about 150 km away. The information received was giving a clue that my father was no more, hence we were asked to proceed immediately. My nephew , who happened to be with us during those days, was driving the car. He took us all to our destination within four hours. All were waiting there for us.
    The cremation rituals could be started only after we reached there, since the eldest son, my elder brother was also in the car.
    After coming out of the car I ran to the room where my father's body was kept. My mother was sitting in a corner. She started weeping as soon as we entered the room. Mother was completely in tears and was telling us "your father went without us". I could not control my tears and started weeping together.Through the " jerking tears" I asked mother whether I could remove the cloth covering the face and see my father. She replied weeping " what is the use, your father is no more". However, I removed the cloth and saw the face which was quite in his normal form. I could not control my tears, hence keeping the cloth back I slowly came out of the room for starting the cremation rituals.
    This last scenes I had with my father comes to my mind occasionally, even now, wetting my eyes...

    ----* This may be considered as my entry for "tear Jerker".
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    A nice narration by the author depicting the feelings, affection and sentiments of a son towards his father.

    I have also gone through same situation only thing is I was already there when my father took his last breath. We can not forget that situation in our life. The day we lose our father we know that the umbrella has gone and we are on our own now. It is a big missing feeling in life.

    Knowledge is power.

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