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This entry wins the second prize for the Dual Role Interview contest.
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    The man whose job was stolen- an interview with the famous writer Jignesh

    Today, I have Mr. Jigneh with me. He is a prolific writer and won many accolades. He has gained popularity for his works and in the literary festival this year he won a special award for his book "The man who stole my job". The title is fascinating and as expected, the man is fascinating too. I took this opportunity to interview him to know some interesting facts about his life and his works which I hope will help the readers to gain some insight into his new work.

    Q1: Congratulations Mr. Jignesh! Now you are in the spotlight for the book that was published a few days ago. Before asking you anything about the topics that you have discussed in the book, please tell me why you chose the title "The man who stole my job"?

    Jignesh: Laughs!! Whether you ask me the topics of the book or not, I am not going to tell you anything. You have to read it first and I promise you will like it. Now, coming back to the title; It happened when I was facing the interview boards of various companies. One guy, who was junior to me, got the job that he was not supposed to. I was his project guide and actually the project was my idea. I do not know how he convinced the interviewers to get the job which was very much related to that project. Though subsequently, I got another good job but I felt very disappointed at that time. Since that guy made use of my project efficiently to get the job, I chose the title.

    Q2: You are a technical person by profession and I have heard you are passionate about thinking on new projects. But surprisingly, your writings are not related to anything technical. Why is it so?

    Jignesh: That's true. I love technologies and I try to remain updated on all the latest technologies. I do not write on technologies because I have not developed any new technology. I just work on those technologies to apply them in unique way. I do have a plan to write on few unique projects and maybe it will take another few years to materialize. Till now, I wrote the books from my experiences on various aspects of life and it's always nice to share those experiences through which the readers will be able to know how to deal with different situations.

    Q3: Now let me end the interview with a question very much related to the title of the book. What are you going to advise the readers if they find their job stolen by somebody else?

    Jignesh: Well, my advice would be very simple. Don't be disappointed. Life is always mysterious and can take a turn any moment. If you let the life run on autopilot mode in rough weather it can be disastrous. Keep the hand on the steering and hold it firmly. Be fearless and you can control it.

    This is my entry to the Dual Role Interview Contest
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    Very interesting interview of a writer. The author has brought out the feelings of the writer very nicely. A well written narration.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A well conducted interview. Profession is different and passion is different. My father is an accountant but he has passion for writing. I am a professional chemical engineer but I have a passion for teaching. In the same way many people will have a different profession from their passion. This fact has been brought out well in the interview.
    always confident

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    You made the most creative title in this contest and that's great. As for Jignesh, hes acting just like any other celeb writer, keeping his content a secret. This interview felt real.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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