An interview with Mr. Vikash for being the successful author of a book called “LIFE”.

Before we start, we would like to thank you for your time that you arranged this precious time from your busy schedule with an assurance that we wouldn't make it for long.

Mr. Vikash :- It's my pleasure but I would like to tell you that I too was a bit concerned for this meeting as since long this got pending on my end because I have into extensive travelling to the remote areas of our country in order to understand it even more of its depth for my another work which in preciously would be the extension of my current work "LIFE" which has been well appreciated by the readers worldwide.

(Question) Interviewer :- Well we again thank you for this kind gesture of you. Herewith & as a first query we request you to pl. put some more light into "LIFE" & what this is all about? & whether this got anything to do with your personal or professional life? In between if you would like to keep something confidential in your comments than its ok but we would be expecting a bit openness so as to understand your work better. We would really appreciate that.

(Answer) Mr. Vikash :- There is nothing confidential of this work that I intend to keep with me only but this got some insight of about my personal experiences during different facets of my life which although I have already commented in this work in the different sections but as you made a request & so I try to put those in brief here also. Although I am quite old now in comparison to your age but you must have some diverted feelings of this life which you didn't felt this during your childhood days & when you reach to my age than again you would find some more diversions. These diversions are often in context to the observations of the activities around you & this is what makes you keep changing according to the circumstances & with the time. And this book revolves around with these diversions of materialistic & spiritual aspects of our life which is the case with each one of us. So do you agree with me to this fact?

(Question) Interviewer :- I agree that this is quite an interesting scenario to believe into & at the same time thought provoking too. As a next query, could you pl. refer few of the incidences which transported you to this way as I feel that you never believed so during your childhood days?

(Answer) Mr. Vikash :- Yes you guessed it rightly. My childhood days were far from the realities of life but instead full of fantasies or imaginary events & even thinking that this life is for enjoyment only & that I never ever be dead but as I moved to the different places observing the realities of life then my whole perception of life got changed & when I met with few of the spiritual groups then those prove out to be the turning point for me. Assume that you witness of your loved ones being cremated in front of you, everything seems useless than. Isn't it the case?

(Question) Interviewer :- So this whole inspired this you to write this book?

(Answer) Mr. Vikash :- There are many other reasons & one of the reasons is that I am retired now. I found it good to come-up with some platform in order to share of what I feel that this might prove good for others. In many occasions in my life I was happy & delighted of the outcomes but many times I was broke of the unexpected circumstances that I lost my job but time changes & than I again moved out to something good. You see, we can't hide from the success or troubles of our life but often we are helpless in managing those. For living a good life the materialistic as well as the spiritual life both are important & this should be in the balanced quantities & this is what has been explained in this book.

Interviewer :- Although we still left with few of the queries on my list but on major account we seems to be done & in the last we congratulate you for your good job & success & also would like to wish good luck for your project with a hope that the this too would be a huge success. Thanks again.

This is my entry for the interview contest.