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    Tear-Jerker: Friends It's time to leave!!!

    Hurray!!! We finished with our last examination paper today. Now we all are free birds. Tell all buddies to gather in canteen I asked one of my friends. I was expressing my immediate feeling after finishing the last paper of final year exam. What a feeling it was! We all friends gathered together in the canteen and started celebrating the freedom from the college life. Hey, everybody remembered the past events and problems from the administration, Happy moments, sad moments, etc. Gradually the sun is going to set and everybody started to feel the very heartbreaking feeling. Ohh friends its time to leave! We are not going to come tomorrow for college, no bunking of class, no gathering for study, no gathering for the movie. It's time to split up and to start our own journey. It will not possible to gather so easily. The memories of college days are a real Tear-jerker for all the friends together either happy or sad.

    It's a story I share the feeling of sadness of the evening. The happy days of college are Tear-Jerker.

    This is my entry for TOW contest Nov 2018
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    Good illustration but for me it was never easy as I was acknowledging the fact that this will never going to get repeated in the life ahead. That was the time I never wanted to get passed but still full of emotions I was witnessing this getting over.

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    The happiest days in one's life will be the student days in general and college days in particular . When we finish our studies and coming out of college or university we will feel sad for two issues. One is our days of freedom are coming to an end. The second one is that we are getting separated with our close friends. Those moments will be really sorrowful and tear- jerkers. But after words in our lives when we will remember those days we will be very happy and we will get tears in our eyes with happiness.
    A good submission by the author and very interesting thread.

    always confident

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    Yes, we all remember those days. The days we spent in schools/colleges always remain special and cannot be forgotten. That's why it is said that student days were the best parts of life. It's a part of growing up and the friends with whom we grew up play some important roles also.

    Since they know us from the very beginning, they know our exact nature. They know what type of person you really are and will be able to help you out by pointing out the positive traits and your drawbacks in later phases of life. A very good thread that reminds me of my student life.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    This thread reminds about my education from 10th to postgraduate level. While spending during the course gives much happiness but afterward if I recollect it then it gives much pain. It might be a tear jerker. The author of this thread is appreciable as she acts as a reminder to all ISCians about their college days.

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    Those were the days especially the school time. I am still in touch with schoolmates, they feel me good and seem to be the only true friends.

    I remember when we had a farewell party at the school and many of us were sad to get departed. Many of the schoolmates after the exams disappeared and have never been in contact but still, I have lots of memories of theirs to cherish.

    Even when I left my first job i had to leave my room partner who became my best friend, it was very tough to leave him. We shared a room for around 4 years together and still, w visit each other home after 12 years of leaving each other. It's very difficult when you have to leave your loved ones.

    Nice post. This post took me to my school days.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    A very thoughtful post Prasanna. But include Tearjerker in title as soon as possible to be eligible for rewards.
    In a matter of few months I'll graduate. With bittersweet memories and degree in hand to face real life. So this thread reminded me of what is to come.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The last day in the college is having a mixed reaction on the minds of the students. One side there is a happiness for getting free from the academics but another side there is a big question of career when you enter from the cosy world of colleges into the cruel and tough outside world where there is cut throat competition for everything.

    Departing from friends is always a sad affair and one has to cherish and live with those nostalgic memories throughout the life.

    Knowledge is power.

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