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    Do you know the significance of the word “BUT”.

    This is the most common phenomenon to use "BUT" during every discourse. We probably are not habitual to it but still bound to use it because of a simple fact that whatever we have come-up with is not good enough but instead depending upon the numbers of other factors as well. Let's say that we are debating on the employment generation in our country & in due course we also keep on suggesting the solutions which may prove helpful in achieving the desired goal in this context but & although not intended, we goes on with the other factors with lots of "BUTs" therein which may effect this & ultimately not making this a success.

    Do you feel that the same is the case with you too? If there is any then do you remind of one such incidence which you still remember & want to share with us.
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    But is a conjunction. We all use it in sentences.

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    But and very are the primary enemies of good vocabulary. Nice observation. We can use many different words in place of but. Like, albiet, though, neverthless, yet, however, etc...;
    We must know that there is no such thing as big words. They are all just suitable replacements of the words we already know, pretending to a certain circumstance.

    Good job underlining how people might overuse convineint words.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Many people will have the habit of using the word BUT. I am also one among them. As mentioned by Aditya there are many words which are useful to replace this word. However, over usage of this word is a common issue.
    always confident

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