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    Be careful! Incidents like these may take place elsewhere

    We need to be aware of what we are writing and sharing when in a public place. We do not know who is watching our activities and a bit of carelessness may land us in trouble. This happened on 26.11.18, in a Kolkata-Mumbai flight. The 10th anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai attacks still fresh in mind and people were extra vigilant on that day. A young person in his early 20s was detained by the police and had to go through long question hours even on the next day. His fault was apparently a snap chat message, that had the words 'terrorist' and 'destroy'. He took the selfie by covering half of his face and was posting it to his friends. A British national sitting in the vicinity noticed the chat and mistook it as a real threat. It was reported to the authorities and the young man was detained.

    Though police didn't arrest him, but his family and he himself felt the humiliation after this detailed questioning. His social media profiles and activities there were thoroughly scanned and all other background verification was carried out by the law enforcing agencies to come to a satisfactory conclusion. It's understood that it was just a casual chat but members be careful. Who knows, incidents like these may be repeated elsewhere too.
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    True. We should be very careful when we write or share something when we are in public places. What we mean may be different and what other may understand is different. These unthought activities will create problems like this. These days we are not able to understand the people properly. The old saying is Face is the index of the mind. But these days that saying will not hold good. So we should not believe anybody and at the same time, we should not act in such a way that the other people may see with suspicion at us in the public.
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    A good thread by the author alerting us to refrain from such activities. The online world of messaging and chit chatting has poisioned our mind to such an addictive stage that we do not know what not to do there.

    It is like giving match box to a child who does not know what it is and he takes the match sticks in his little finger and presses them against anything and break them and enjoys his play and sometimes creates fire in the process.

    Knowledge is power.

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