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    Does simplifying our life make us happy?

    That Buddhist Monks shave off their head to keep it simple to manage the lifestyle is often being taught and cited as an example. That is one example and I am convinced there can be more. And so this provokes me to seek an opinion from fellow members, that what do they feel about this mindset of simplifying their lifestyle.

    Does this work in every aspect? In today's fast working life, is it even possible to be simple to be happy? In which aspect it fits and in which it doesn't?
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    Leading a simple life is individual’s choice. Many great people live very simple. The life of Mahatma Gandhi and the life of Lal Bahadur Sastry are the two best examples for this. These days majority of the people wants to have a rich life. We will find people who are living a simple life very rarely. The society is also recognising the people who are very very pompous and live a stylish life.
    These days also we will find a few people who lives a simple life. My Sanskrit teacher in my high school used to live a very simple life. He was not married. He lived in a single room and used to cook himself. About 60% of his salary was being offered to poor and needy every month. He used to commute by walk only. He never used to use a cycle also. Such people are very rare. One should appreciate such people and take them as role models. But how many of us can do it?

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    It's very difficult to keep life simple when we live in a complicated world. But still, if we apply a few things we can make our life since. Most importantly is never complain and stop worrying for anything. Don't expect much from people. Always remember you cannot be perfect in everything. Don't keep yourself busy at work but try to be productive and finish your work on time. Never think what will people think or say about you if you do that thing. And lastly always be with the positive people.

    One cannot make life simple but with these few things we may make our life easy.


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    It depends what makes people happy. As long as we put a condition for our happiness, it will elude us. We may think that getting this will make us happy or earning that amount is going to make us happy. Actually it will increase our worry further. After getting that particular material, our happiness will stay for a moment but later on the focus will shift to some other things to make us more happier. Make happiness the basic requirement. Do not make it conditional.

    The world is complex and people are becoming materialistic without analyzing the real need. As long as a person lives there will be needs and aspirations. Aspirations are always good and keep us alive, but that doesn't mean if something is not fulfilled at that instant we will be unhappy.

    Leading a simple life means fulfilling just the basic needs. We require different materials to enhance the way of our life. Unfortunately, we think those materials as essential and compete with others to possess one. For example, possessing a smartphone is necessary nowadays but becoming compulsive and completely dependent on it is craziness. We can live a simple life by using the smartphone only when necessary without tapping on it throughout the day without any valid reason. By properly analyzing things and paying attention to our requirements, we can make our life much simple without thinking unnecessarily what others might think if we do not possess a certain material.


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    True. Leading a simple life makes one happy. But don't you think everyone is kinda simple nowadays just browsing social media. I would call it simple because internet is literally everywhere and almost everyone has a smart phone. This has made our lives simpler. According to a survey in my class, 4/10 people told their hobby is to watch TV series or something else in mobiles. Previously we people had hobbies. I have had tons of hobbies when I was in school and I found it difficult to allocate them time. It was hard for me to adapt. My life was by any definition complex.
    But now all I need is my phone. I still retain my hobbies but I approach them via phone. I still play basketball and football, through my phone. I still talk to people, using whatsapp. I still draw and write. Using apps. I think humans are the simplest now.

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    It depends on various factors. The socio-economic class of an individual. It also depends on the like dislike of an individual. If I share my views I like to be as simple as I can, but at the same time when we have to connect to the various regarding your business and other function, we have to maintain the attire. In this modern society, we have develope dress code for the various function and business activity. In that case, it is difficult to maintain one's simplicity and the one who tried to maintain ones simplicity people starts to gossip. So I would like to suggest and like to follow the appearance and the behavior according to our comfort. The author gives the example of Buddhist mock as a symbol of simplicity that can be adorable.
    Lastly, Everybody should live according to this proverb "Simple Living and high thinking"

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    I agree, that it is difficult to live a simple life in today's world. If you want to, you cannot survive for more days, without being distracted or frustrated because of complicacy level it will arise. My father used to have a simple phone and never keeps a wallet, but even today he is agreeing that he needs a smartphone as it helps in pictures, videos etc. Funny but true.
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    Leading a simple life is one's own choice. There are several leaders who did I not go after pomp and pleasure. Our Father of Nation itself is an example. There were Lal Bahadur Sastry, Acharya Kripalani, Vinoba Bhave and several others who led a very simple life. The first Chief Minister of Kerala, E. M. S. Nambudiripad originally belonged to one of the richerichest families, possessing acres of paddy land. When he entered politics he sold all his properties and have the returns to his party. Later he became the first Chief Minister of Kerala ( one more term he was elected as CM). At the time of death he was living in a rented house. He did not earn anything, lived with the allowance given by his Party.
    Personally, I prefer a simple life. Always I used to have a small number of pairs of dresses. I use only use slack shirts without inserting. I use only chappals, no shoes. I cut my hair myself using a small trimmer, inside the trimmer I place the used blade. This I started when I was twenty-five plus. Even now at the age of 74 the same gadget is being used.
    In general I prefer a very simple life, though I served as a teacher/Professor for more than 35 years. Perhaps, I got this partly from my father. Of course, my connection with Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishath, an organisation working for popularisation of Science also helped me to lead a simple life.


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    It depends on one's choice and will to lead a simple or complex or gaudy life.
    The comfort of a simple life is that our wants are limited. Hence there will be nil or very less situations of disappointment. This in turn helps us to build and maintain good relations with others-devoid of envy and enmity
    Naturally we will become more happy..
    However what is simple life is relative and depends on each individual.

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