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    Books are as useful to an illiterate person as a mirror is to a blind.

    The book is known to be a good friend as we learn many good things from them but it is so for the people who are literate as they only can read that book. What purpose will it serve if it is given to an illiterate person?

    What happens when a mirror is given to a blind (visually impaired), he can't see himself in a mirror. Similarly, a book is of no use for an illiterate person or for one who reads it but can't understand what it implies.

    I am referring to the people who read religious books and give speeches about it but their deeds are like criminals. Consider several babas who have bluffed innocent people by giving their religious discourses in the day and engage in criminal activities at night. Media has highlighted many such babas but still, we believe them and go to them seeking their advice and blessings.

    Don't you think it's a mistake on our part?
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    Books are the great source of knowledge but a few people can get that from the books.

    The cheats and clever ones just recite the writings in a book to others and do not follow it and even do not try to understand the true meaning of the things written in the books.

    These people are exploiting the gullible masses in the societies.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Well, the stupid person 'learns' from the book but acts in a stupid way. Why they are acting in that way may be a million dollar question, but from the acts it is understood that they are not putting the knowledge they have gathered through studying different books. We can learn from all kind of books and it's really of no use if we do not understand the topics that we read.

    While a blind cannot read what is written in a book, a foolish person can understand what is written but cannot decipher the meaning. The author has brought out the issue of few self proclaimed 'godmen' by comparing them with the blind who can't read like a normal human being having functional eyesight. It's really shocking that few famous 'babas' were arrested in recent times and now many people are feeling cheated by them.

    People are trying to become popular by different means and at times it seems those criminals have found a shortcut to fame. We believe whoever explains us the meaning of religious scriptures and start equating them with spiritual people. Before doing all these, we must understand the meaning of spirituality in true sense and then only we will be able to decide who is going to dupe people in future.


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    What I tell you do it. But don't do what I do. This is the concept of many babas these days. The innocent people who believe these people will hear them and finally will get deceived. Practice and preach should be the way to be followed for these people. But how many can do it?
    Like politicians who feel politics is a profession for them to earn, these people also feel that deceiving innocent people is their profession. For these babas, the books are like a mirror to a blind man or a radio to a deaf person.
    But I will add that all babas are not like that. There are many babas who are really good and lead a simple life and preach only what they practice.

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    Satirically this could be correct but again this is a matter of perception with different individuals. It's their personal interest & belief that they believe so & it would be difficult for others to make them shifted to the other ways. The biggest setback in this whole process is that the common people are most afraid of the religion factors. They are fear so much that they don't find it's relevant to question them & create an objection of if something seems inappropriate or illogical & the various monasteries & the fake Babas take the advantage of this fear factors & use them in their own ways. The use even extended to asking for more money & to even rapes & may even included with the sacrifices. In the Hindu culture we have been evident of so many fake religious institutions & the Christian Missionaries are not an exception here & as a proof you can watch the videos in

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    Some Babas give religious knowledge and indulge in nefarious activities. This happens in all religions. But why do we, the educated people, go to the Babas? Either we lack confidence or we also want to take part in those nefarious activities.

    So, we are also to be blamed.

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    Here illiteracy and blindness are compared. Outwardly the comparison seems to be ok. But if we look into the issue seriously the discussions become meaningless. A blind person need not read and understand things directly. If prepared he/ she can grasp everything through others. Now a days, Braille script is available and through which a blind can learn everything.
    Now, coming to illiterate person, he too can understand things without the help of books. There are different ways, by hearing from others an intelligent person can become well versed in topics of his interest. In country side there were some physicians who treated for most of the diseases. They learned these only by repeatedly sitting in front of his Guru and learning from his classes. Additionally they got experience also by following Guru to patients' houses and hearing the discussions.
    In fact these days all are literate and can read whichever book he wanted. However, these reading become very often shallow, without reading in depth. That means now the majority are literate in its word meaning, but illiterate in effect.


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