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    A real tear-jerker: A real love-story

    It was June 2013. The husband-wife couple started for a pilgrimage from a remote village of Alwar district in Rajasthan. They reached Uttarakhand. But then the tragedy struck. The unprecedented devastating flood swept away the wife. No trace of her could be found.

    Her husband was heart-broken. He tried to find his wife. But during the confusion after the flood, he could not get proper information. Time started flowing. No trace of the woman from Alwar could be found.

    After more than one year, the Government of Uttarakhand officially declared the woman dead. The Government also paid the compensation. But the husband never lost hope. He never forgot his wife for a single moment. The memory of her smiling and pleasant face used to give him enough motivation. He assured their five children that he would find their mother.

    The husband used to cry a lot, but he never lost hope. He continued searching his wife from village to village, locality to locality in unknown Uttarakhand with the photo of his wife, even after more than one and a half year. Even after the Government declared his wife dead.

    The simple villagers also used to cry hearing the incident, but they also admired the indomitable spirit of the man. They provided food to the man, but more importantly, they used to provide information.

    The God must have been moved by the love of the husband. So, He helped him. After more than nineteen months, in January 2015, the villagers told the man that a woman resembling the figure in the photo had been moving near Gangoli village. The woman couldn't speak properly.

    The man hurriedly went to Gangoli village and found his wife. Although she had lost her memory and could not recognize him, the man took her to Alwar. Very slowly, with co-operation and love of her family members, the woman has now been regaining her memory.

    The pure love of Vijaykanth for his wife Leela enabled him to find her. Such love-story brings a tear in our eyes.

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    One should appreciate the hope the person had about his wife's presence. He had taken many pains and finally succeeded in his attempts. This incident will bring tears in the eyes with joy as the man is able to trace his wife and bring her back home. That is why people say the stronger the will and the desire the higher the chances of fulfilling the desire. The story is a beautiful example of the above-said point. The confidence the man had only made him trace his wife and bring her back. It is very good to hear that the lady is regaining the memory and I hope she will be normal in a few days. My appreciations to the author for the well narrated real story.
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    A very good write-up. It shows the power of true love. He never lost his hope even after the declaration of the government and personally searched her in different villages of Uttarakhand.

    He was determined that his search will not go in vain and tried his best. Ultimately, he succeeded in finding his wife and took maximum care of her to bring back the memory. This story again reminds us that love can do wonders. A good entry.


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    It's a very emotional true story of a couple. Definitely, it was the husband's dedication which helped him to find his wife. He was lucky that his wife was alive in the incident otherwise infinite lost the lives of their dear ones. Yes of course after reading such true love stores tears automatically come out of eyes.

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    A nice story by the author. The efforts of the author are praise worthy for bringing in this story of hope and continued struggle to achieve the difficult goals in our life.
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    An emotional story by the author. This the tragedy happens to many families who visit the pilgrimage during that time. The character in your story is lucky enough to find his love and more he waited for it. This passion makes love a powerful source of energy. I felt very bad for the families who lost the members of their family permanently. They have to live with this pain throughout their life.
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