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    Why development is the only variable for success in elections

    There are reports that the Congress Party or a combination of parties are out to rout the BJP in more than one State, elections to which are due very soon.

    The Prime Minister, it should be very clearly understood, was able to win hands down last time, not because of some religious identity like the Ram Temple. He promised development. He promised jobs. He promised to end corruption.

    Mr. Modi has indeed done something. The pension scheme is okay. Certain efforts at digitalization are also welcome. Yet, his own Ministers seem to be talking rubbish. One has famously said that to attain power, the party made all sorts of promises. In Tamil Nadu, we have a superbly comedian as the State Chief. Every single time she opens her mouth, the party is bound to go down in public esteem.

    Development will speak. Only development will speak. It is absolutely rubbish to blame the opposition parties for everything that is wrong.

    Take jobs. The great Finance Minister says that the Government would pay the PF amount for employees taken on "Fixed Term Employment". It has since been implemented.

    This is a glorious term for contractual employment. We now have several hundreds of thousands of contract employees from among the diploma holders and engineers on contract at low wages. At the end of three years, the poor souls have just the PF amounts. Why can't the employers be encouraged to take on such employees on regular rolls? Mr. Modi would rather help the employers, rather than the employees.

    Now, the spin-off in the economy is horrible. The contract employees do not have any social security. They cannot get a single bank loan. They cannot afford to even spend their money on any little want. They are always just about able to meet only their "needs".

    The ruling party should remember only one thing: jobs count. Development counts. If they think otherwise, they would soon meet their Waterloo.
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    Development should be the only factor in elections. But human being is a social animal with a complex mind. He is the part of many groups at the same time. So, his identity as a member of different groups influences him to choose a party or candidate during election.

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    It is a fact that asking for a vote showing the development they have done or informing the development they are planning in the coming years is a good way. But these days the politicians are going to voters and asking a vote for them as the others are bad.
    Creating employment, bringing up the lives of poor of the country, reducing the gap between rich and the poor are the important factors for a country to develop. Talking about these issues and what they have achieved in these areas during their rule will be a way to ask and get votes. The parties and leaders who contributed to the development of the society will be having a better chance to win. But unfortunately in our country issues like caste, religion, creed etc., will take the front seat in voting.

    always confident

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    The things are not as easy as it seems to be.

    I praise the author for his concern but irrespective of the income generation, how many servants does the author have given employment to? The same is the case with this nation as well. The nation is not carried with the unlimited resources but instead we having the restricted resources on every front & even in the case of employment too. Due to new innovation in the technologies the traditional jobs have been shifted to some other areas leaving the old players on their back foot.

    The major reason that led to such gap between the unemployment & employment generations is the population explosion which we are still not ready to take it seriously but we are already facing the consequences then. In addition, let the reservation system be eliminated from the grass root level & should only be considered for physically handicapped & for economically backward.

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    Development and employment generation are two big factors for the success of a party in any election. However there are many other things which also play their crucial part in aligning the voters in different directions. In a democracy there are many groups affiliated to different religions, sects and ideologies. In such a case a clear cut division of the voters is not seen written on the blackboard.

    In fact, the prudent voters will and should see the merit of a candidate based on the bench mark of development and governance rather then the personal affiliations. The worry is how many prudent voters are there in our country.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Anand Sir, when so many automobile organizations and the auto ancillary organizations take thousands on contract, how much will the employers loose if they absorb them in regular jobs, Sir? The employers want to escape giving gratuity, bonus, LTA and what not? Is this justified Sir? How can the Government of India itself support these atrocities, Sir?

    Do you know that the unsold inventory of apartments in Chennai is around 40 percent? Do you know that some 20000 people live only on contractual jobs. Another one lakh or more of the educated with degrees or even PG degrees but with very poor English language skills survive on salaries around 8000 per month at 2018 prices as call centre employees who literally harass every single unknown customer with just their cell numbers on hand to buy credit cards, debit cards, personal loans, housing loans and what have you.

    They even call you at 8pm. This is their life. Perhaps they may not get any salary if they do not get any sales finalised, Sir. They can possibly get one customer to strike a deal from 40 such calls. Imagine their plight, Sir.

    They have been uprooted from villages. They come to the city, roam around with just their knowledge of Tamil and live miserable lives. The cost of living is the same for everyone. No wonder thousands of mobile shops selling cheap but mostly hygienic food is seen in each big city.

    What answer does our great PM have for such people Sir? Tall promises cannot fill their stomach Sir. Only constructive action will.

    We will always have such poorly paid people. And then the influx of the poor souls from North India from the Hindi belt. Am told these most unfortunate souls who work in hundreds of restaurants of Chennai get free food and a ridiculous salary of Rs4000 per month. The employer walks happily all the way to his bank Sir. Why should great Modi always talk about only Hindi Sir?

    What has he done to educate these hundreds of thousands of Hindiwallahs who work in the worst of jobs in most of South India, Sir? Even when I see them, talk to them, they express their anguish that the biggest blunder that they did was not studying English.

    Do you know that they save money and send that back home, Sir? Please go over to Coimbatore and Tiruppur which is a major centre manufacturing undergarments. At least sixty percent of the workforce are these poorly paid and very hardworking Hindi souls. Yes, over four years they learn Tamil too. What what about their future Sir?

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    Sir, I have one part time servant in my house. Apart from a fairly high salary by local standards( she gets the highest among forty houses with similar servants), for which am always blamed by our neighbours, we give her salary advance, free loans, clothes, and things which are just a few months old, like plastic furniture, small stools and so on. She is quite sincere and works with us. We give her free food and coffee everyday. I have used my influence to get her daughter some job in an ancillary unit nearby. We help her in all ways. This is the maximum that we can do. But look at what the great PM has done.

    Why should he make ridiculous promises? When there is a saturation of sorts , the best thing that should be done is to create regular jobs. This is exactly what happened when so many banks were nationalized. Sir, if you don't take your LTA and go out, how will the tourism industry survive Sir? Millions in regular jobs do so. But to teach the employers short cuts to such regular jobs is absolutely rubbish,Sir.

    Modi will soon learn the hard truth. The informal economy is the agricultural economy Sir. That gives you and me our food Sir.

    The worst decision was the demonitization thing. Millions lost their jobs. Great PM talks about digitalization. Only Paytm has made money. Millions were rendered penniless in three months, Sir. He destroyed the informal sector. Sir, do you know that the Tata group was given concessions worth Rs31000 crores to set up the car plant in Gujarat when Mamtha threw them out of West Bengal? Who gave it then? Our great Modi.

    If you can justify this, the poor agriculturists are always justified in claiming loan waivers, Sir. We always have the problem of excess population Sir. But the key is education and not just Hindi Sir. Knowing only Hindi does not get any one his or her food, Sir. This is in total contrast to the small minority of Hindiwallahs who study in English medium schools and occupy the best of Corporate Sector jobs, Sir. Pl check the IIT and IIM records, Sir.

    Yet one absolutely irrational politician like Mulayam Singh Yadav wants only Hindi in their State. The present Chief Minister is no better in UP.

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    Being myself too in a private job, I completely understand the facts on the practical grounds but if we could understand the status of unemployment in our country then its full of miseries but we don't have the circumstances to feed all of them & why the government be responsible for all of the miseries than. The government can make the employment opportunities available for the commons but this got their own limitations. Wherein we have the capacity of feeding 50 individuals but in case we need to feed the 1000 individuals then how this seems possible. Still if pressurized than the infrastructure can go ahead with feeding 200 individuals but it will never be possible to feed them all.

    Financial aspects are not the only factors which have led to the existing scenario but numbers of other factors have contributed onto this in a larger part. You came-up with few of the concern that, "the biggest blunder that they did was not studying English" or "At least sixty percent of the workforce are these poorly paid", but this being the case anywhere in India & not in Coimbatore and Tiruppur" only. In my native town, Katni, or when I once lived in Kolkata or few parts of Gujrat or in Mumbai or in Delhi or NCR areas, same is the case everywhere.

    We need to understand here few of the facts & need to implement it without any biasedness & with immediate effect & the controlling population explosion would be the most efficient one but are we ready for this?

    Just imagine that we got the manpower in accordance with the resources than we had a quality life but the problem is that we the human being have taken the things for granted & see what we are going through.

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    #654044 / ABSivakumar, for complete one para, its good on your behalf but what if you are forced to keep few more which your situation doesn't allow or permit than how would you react & what would be your actions then & even in the case that those are not experienced & not familiar or intended with your requirements? Pl. let me know.

    In addition, you are misinformed of the "demonetization" & its aftermath effect. I am trying to recover my submission & soon I will let you know of that.

    You mentioned," Tata group was given concessions worth Rs31000 crores to set up the car plant in Gujarat when Mamtha threw them out of West Bengal?", why we can't see this as an investment which although didn't work but suppose that if it was a success than the whole scenario of the that region would have some drastic changes like more employment opportunities & improved living standard but due to the reason that it didn't work the way it was expected we got the reason to raise fingers at him. We too do a lots of mistakes & the bigger the risks the more the profit but its different that it wasn't intended for by us & so is the case here, with the Nano project of Tata.

    Let me remind you that when you are not taught to respect your culture than you move to other. The same is the case with Hindi language that many of us prefer to learn English as a first language or else we have a fantastic example of PM Modi who in the international forum, always have chosen the Hindi language & no one objected this move. Previously we have the Atal Bihari Vajpayee who used the same language & let others feel of the presence of our nation *& this happened in the international forum & therefore you must be feeling very lucky to have such PM who is proud of his culture which never had the case during any of the previous regime of any of the previous governments.

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    Sir, very good. Let our great Modi speak in the so-called National language called Hindi. Excellent. But you also more or less agree that only lack of command over the English language is hampering progress of so many hundreds of thousands of people. Is speaking in Hindi, " Indian culture?" If you think it is so, please do go ahead. No issues.

    That, in my opinion is not Indian culture. Just because our great Modi spoke in Hindi, it does not mean anything, Sir. My key question remains: what is the social security to those who know only their mother tongue, Sir? This includes the Hindiwallahs. It includes Bengalis, Gujarathis or whosoever.

    Sir, English is a global language. All our scientific advancement, all technological innovations, advancements in medicine, are all possible only because of our huge number of English speaking population, Sir. Kindly understand that some 22 lakh people are estimated to be working in the IT and IT enabled sectors, Sir. This population supports indirect employment of at least three crore people.

    All the Domino Pizzas, KFC and the hundreds of IT start ups have happened only because of several lakhs of educated English speaking graduates Sir. Please tell me: is there a single University in India where the MBBS course is taught in Hindi?

    We need to address issues in totality. Development cannot and should not be lopsided.

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    Sir, you have taken my whole comment in a completely different perspective. In reference to your statement, "But you also more or less agree that only lack of command over the English language is hampering progress of so many hundreds of thousands of people.", I want you to pl. observe the economy of China. They proud of their Chinese language & English language has never been the preference or the priority here but its growing & therefore why can't be the same being used in the Indian context as well.

    In against your query, "what is the social security to those who know only their mother tongue, Sir? This includes the Hindiwallahs. It includes Bengalis, Gujarathis or whosoever.", we need a common platform in order to exchange our views with without any conflicts & English is best suited for this occasion.

    For your query, "Sir. Please tell me: is there a single University in India where the MBBS course is taught in Hindi?", I request to pl, list the numbers of students who intends to study in Hindi language. We are so much involved with the western culture that instead of "Namaste" we are using "Good Morning / Evening / Night" & this whole didn't happened in a single night but we are still following the Syllabuses of the pre-independence era with no major changes in the courses as well. We never taught of our original culture during our whole span of school time & after that in the college time but what we have been taught is what has been carried forwarded from the British times. Our mentality has become of a kind that we never taught to respect our own culture that few even in this platform & in the political arena have discarded the existence of Ram & the Ram Setu Bridge that few ignorant people even referred Ram as a mythological entity.

    I agree with you that, "We need to address issues in totality.", but the same has been taken for granted & that few times back we didn't had complaint of anything but now we now we want everything in overnight. Do we have any idea about how the different issues have been taken into account so far? Since independence few of the political parties have constructed the developmental agendas only on the basis the religion & caste basis & therefore we don't have smooth understanding but we are always moving around with some conflicts with having histories of riots & killings with one community being the target always. How often that we have been evident of this in any other countries? At least not in my knowledge.

    In addition, I am still waiting for your comment against the below query of mine,
    "#654044 / ABSivakumar, for complete one para, its good on your behalf but what if you are forced to keep few more which your situation doesn't allow or permit than how would you react & what would be your actions then & even in the case that those are not experienced & not familiar or intended with your requirements? Pl. let me know."

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    Pl. refer below links for GST & Demonetization,

    "GST", from my point of view.

    The "DEMONETISATION", As I Understand…

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