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    Why do you feel stressed for no reason?

    Life is stress there is no doubt in it. Often, we get tired because of the mental stress not due to physical fatigue. You are busy but not productive that's mostly because you are preoccupied with unwanted thoughts. Our mind is the source of energy and when our mind is filled with the negative energy then our mind works against us. So it's better to control our mind and apply it in the constructive work rather than negative things. We don't have a control over the results but we can control our actions for sure. Then why can't we do that and have a relaxed life?

    Work-related stress also can be reduced by applying few things like take proper sleep, finish your work at the scheduled time and don't wait for the deadlines, make friends and have a chat with them regularly, short walks relax muscles as well as refresh mind, time management etc. These all will definitely help to minimise stress.

    Above all train your mind to handle the stress.
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    Getting stress may lead to many health problems. Many people these days are suffering from blood pressure and diabetics. The main reason for these problems is the strain and stress the person takes. Many people get nervous when there is work before them to do. They want to finish the work as early as possible and they try many at one time. This attitude will lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Some people sit on the papers and they will never take the required actions and wait till the last minute. This will create tension and stress as they may be running out of time. So I feel we can overcome this stress and tensions by having a proper planning of the activities and making the best use of the available time. Many people waste their active hours during daytime and start getting busy after the working hours. This will also lead to stress.
    A proper planning, having good habits and attacking the problems at a proper time may keep us away from stress and that will keep us away from the doctor also.

    always confident

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    I don't agree with the author that, "Life is stress there is no doubt in it.", but instead it's a matter of perception & this perception differs from person to person. If the life seems to be burdened than this simply means that we are not managing it in the best possible manner which should have been the case. So ultimately it's our fault that even after so longer duration of times we feel stressed & unrelaxed.

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    Stress is a natural phenomenon in our life and it can be generated by the various various from the different sources we encounter in our routine life time to time.

    Stress is like a flag or signal which tells us to stop the job in hand or change it to some other activity which reduces the stress. Monotony and anxiety are some of the common sources for the stress and a person suffering from this requires an urgent change of the activities he is presently attending.

    Stress can result from the working and conjecturing of an idle mind also, of course sometimes without a reason.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has presented a note indicating a very common issue faced by most of the people. There may be exceptional cases. But without some stress one cannot live during ethese days. The types of stress may be different. Some may be very simple and short lived. Such stresses might not even be affecting the individual. For example, shortage of money for implementing certain projects. If a loan facility is made available, the stress gets removed.
    But certain stresses will be long living. If the relationship with a very close relation is worsened, that invites a stress. The same may continue for a long time. Personally myself is under stress continuously for the last ten years or more due to the attitude of one of the members.


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    For the release of stress, everyone should adopt one and only good habit. That is spirituality. For any problem in life can be removed only through the observation of trueness of one's life. That is possible only through having spiritual thinking.

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