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    The thin line between good health and bad health

    I have gone through a few episodes of bad health and undergone multiple surgeries also. When I was well I never thought that I will fall ill to such an extent. Coming back to my normal health now sometimes I feel that when we are healthy we are confident that nothing will happen to us but in fact anything can happen to anyone at any time and it is only a matter of chance that it may happen soon or it may never happen.

    It may appear strange to assume that but from my experience I feel that the boundary between good health and bad health is very delicate and can give way anytime.

    What is the opinion and thoughts of members in this respect? Please share your views.
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    True. Today we feel we are very healthy. But tomorrow we may fell sick. When we are healthy we never think of health problems and may not take care of the issues of food, exercise, sleep and other habits. But when we have some problem only we will think about these issues. So we should never think that nothing will happen to us. At the same time always thinking that something may happen and not enjoying life is also not correct. There should be a balance always. My mother's father was very healthy. He never had any health problems. He lived for 84 years. He never took any special precautions to maintain his health and at the same time, he never had any unwanted habits. He died in his 85th year without any suffering. He had a fever for 2 days. 3rdday he expired. Such is the thin line between good health and bad health.
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    An interesting thread by the author. It is true and I feel that good health and bad health are the two faces of a coin and you do not know in the tossing of our life which face is seen up.

    The biochemical balance of life is not only a complex network of its constituents but also a delicate and precise thing which can go in any direction depending upon the adverse surroundings and lack of nutrition for its survival.

    Though the human body has immense capacity of self correcting and survival but still there are limits to it which are crossed easily in unfavourable environment. That is the reason that even after so much phenomenal growth in medical sciences, the good health is not predictable.

    Knowledge is power.

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    That is why it is said 'prevention is better than cure'. It happens when we are healthy we never take precautions like during the weather change people don't care for clothes in the starting of winters and catch a cold and cough and then get disturbed and spend money on the treatment.

    Life is uncertain and who knows when one gets ill or may get injured in an accident so one should be careful and should follow safety rules to an extent they can be followed. Also, it's better to take medical policy so that at least the money incurred on the treatment can be recovered.


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    According to the author, it is right that there is a thin line between bad health and good health. Here two points to be remembered that one is proper good habits and proper exercise. One should eat healthy food that is not preserved. Whatever energy produced from the food, that is to be consumed. For that proper body, exercise is needed if there is no work to the body. These are precautions only but we could not say when our health gets worse.

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    Undeniably I will have to agree with the author on this & I also feel sorry for what she has gone through. I am not intended to come-up with the instances here but I would want others to pl. take care of themselves & provide a helping hand to those who are really going through with the not so good moments no matter of what.

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