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    Has the coastal security improved during last ten years?

    I am posting the question on 26/11/2018, on the tenth anniversary of the extremely painful terror attack on Mumbai. All of us know that some terrorists hijacked an Indian trawler boat in the Arabian Sea, killed the occupants and entered Mumbai using the boat. Thereafter they created mayhem in the city.

    These terrorists could enter Mumbai by sea-route with remarkable ease. As far as I know, throughout their journey, they were never challenged by the Coast Guard petrol or by any other party.

    I would like to know whether the coastal security has improved in this last ten years. What are the steps taken by the Coast Guards to prevent such painful incidents in the future?

    Has the situation improved? If yes, then how much?
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    The 2008 terror attack was carried out by 10 Pakistani terrorists. They came by sea and killed 166 people. Our coastal security system was not able to identify them when they are entering the country. The government had taken some measures to improve surveillance along the country's 7,516km-long coastline.
    1. The Cabinet Committee on Security had assigned specific responsibilities to the navy and coast guard in 2009.
    2. The navy had been given the responsibility for overall maritime security, including offshore and coastal security.
    3. The coast guard was given the responsibility of coastal security in territorial waters.
    4. Some Steps were taken to enhance the capabilities of all stakeholders such as marine police, the Central Industrial Security Force, the Border Security Force and Customs.
    5. The real-time information-sharing, management and analysis were improved.
    6. There was a good progress in coastal security in terms of technology.
    7. The coastal radar stations and an integrated information centre are being put in place.

    But still there are loose ends and further actions are required to strengthen the system. A consolidated regulatory mechanism is required to improve coordination and to use the institutional capabilities in the best way possible.

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    In the aftermath of 2008 terrorist attack, the Govt has proposed and taken some measures and steps to strengthen the existing coast guard organisation and has also involved the Indian Navy in this endeavour.

    The coast line is very long and it is not possible to physically monitor it but the use of new technology using marine sensors and GPS enabled gadgets available with the survey and vigil parties is adding more flavour to the efforts in this direction. Still there are many things to be streamlined in this vast area which is just like an open window with no grills on them.

    I think Govt should make an integrated network of private fishermen, coast guards, Indian Navy and ships moving through the coastal line for catching of any doubtful or unforeseen activity in Indian waters by the intruders and passing it automatically to the authorities on the coast so that the civil regulatory authorities get the feel of the coming dangers in time.

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    I am not sure if this should question should be in Ask Expert section. It is a discussion topic and should go in Forums.

    Anyways, security has improved a lot now and results you must have seen that not any situation happened like that after. Navy is doing their job superbly, especially in states close to Pak.

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