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    Is tear-jerker not necessary in the present time?

    Tears are very necessary as far as health is concerned in our life. As we all know tear-jerker is used to produce tears in our eye. A song, a film, an even, feelings, etc may be the tear-jerker to produce tears. Tear-jerker is very important in our life.

    My question is very simple. Is tear-jerker not necessary in this modern time? All the persons try to hide their tears in this age. Are tears not necessary for us in present time? Do tears show our weakness?

    I have observed that people also try to stop himself from crying at the time of very sad event.

    In my opinion tears are very necessary. Tears make our eyes lubricant and reduce our stress. Then why people try to hide their tears?

    Members are requested to share their opinion in this thread.

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    Human existence depends on emotion and tear-jerker and result of such emotional moments. It is fact that human are hiding their emotion and the trend is increasing day by day. The interaction between our loved one. We are engaged in mobile and social media more than spending time with family and friends. This is the reason for depression and raising tension. We are reducing our relax time. Taking help of tear-jerker may not help we have to get involved in human interaction.
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    Good. The author has brought out the necessity of shedding tears at least sometimes. These days people feel getting tears may be seen as an emotional weakness. Even though we are getting pained in the heart people think that they should not show their tears to others. But nothing wrong if we have some tears in our eyes when having a real pain for the others problems.
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    When you are unable to control tears, you have to shed it definitely. It may have certain health benefits like lubrication of eyes as mentioned by the author, but it cannot address the cause of pain. Momentarily, someone may feel relaxed but crying every time will make the person emotionally weak.

    To handle any situation, we have to face it bravely rather than feeling helpless. The act of crying is associated with helplessness and imagine how the person who is in deep trouble would feel if he see his associates crying helplessly without looking for a solution. It is fact that there are certain situations where we really feel helpless, but crying is a sign of weakness which may offer momentary relief.

    Crying is an expression of emotion. During any situation, if we become emotional it will affect our presence of mind and the capability to make a judgement. So, we have to try to be stable in difficult situations.


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