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    Ghochuchandran's view on Kartarpur corridor

    One of the most sacred religious places of the Sikhs lies in today's Pakistan. Guru Nanak stayed at Kartarpur during his last years, which is now known as Dera Baba Nanak (DBN). It is only at a distance of 2 km from the Gurudaspur border. After a continuous effort of the Sikhs all over the world for 71 long years, Pakistan has opened the Kartarpur corridor. Sikh pilgrims can now visit Kartarpur visa-free.

    Many Pakistan-lovers in India have been going ga-ga over this step by the Pakistani Government. But, I, Ghochuchandran, feel that this has been done by the Pakistani Government because their existence is at stake. My views on this issue are as under:-

    (a) India has always allowed Pakistani pilgrims visit to Ajmer Sharif. No hindrance is created.
    (b) India provides medical visa to hundreds of Pakistani patients without any restriction even in most tense environment.
    (c) Pakistan has done this to earn some revenue from religious tourism. This would help their economy.
    (d) The step is taken by Pakistan to remain in the good book of the USA, who have been asking for opening this corridor.

    So, we may not be unduly elated over this issue. We must not give any unjustified concession to Pakistan in exchange of this step of opening this corridor. The Pakistanis may demand many concessions and visa-free visit to some other parts of India, which is not good for Indian security. We must be very careful.

    This is Ghochuchandran's personal view.
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    Your views have been observed.

    A suggestion !Since this is your post, it is understood that you will express your views here. So, there is no need to express this in the title of the thread by highlighting your name.

    While Kartarpur is in Pakistan, Dera Baba Nanak is situated on the Indian side just opposite to Kartarpur. Whatever may be the reasons the Pakistan government has for opening the corridor, the security is not going to be compromised in any way as declared by the External Affairs Ministry and all concerned departments.

    Yesterday, after the Pak invitation to PM Modi to join the SAARC summit came, the External Affairs Minister categorically said that there is no question of going there. Furthermore, she reiterated that terror and talks cannot go hand-in-hand. So, we can hope that everybody, including the citizens of this country are careful about that. Anyway, I thank the author for alerting us again as we have many bitter experiences involving Pakistan.


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    Ghochu, that was good from the point of view of the economy of Pakistan. They will generate revenue from tourists of India. But God knows for how much days it will remain open. I remember Samjhauta express was started between the two countries but was abandoned due to the tensions between the two.

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    I agree with the author. Pakistan has done this act to be in the good books of USA. India has already done many such good acts to show their humanitarian nature keeping the differences between the two countries aside. So, we, the Indians, need not be very excited and need not go for any favours to that country.
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    Ghochuchandran, welcome to ISC! It is so heartening to note that, as a new member, you have started posting contents without seeking any guidance from our experienced members. Great way to start off! The way you have come across with this thread reminds me of a few others who exhibited similar interests.

    Let me conclude by stating that the Kartarpur Corridor is not going to make any difference in the relation between the two nations, nationally or internationally. Pakistan does not want to build cordial relations with India due internal problems that need to be sorted out and India, under the BJP regime, has its own strategies.

    Let us not pull in the USA into this game; they are the most unreliable lot because they resort to disguises when the need arises just to save their skin.

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    Respected senior members. I am grateful that all of you have provided your very valuable guidance and expressed your considered opinion on a new member's thread.

    Yesterday, I became a member and sought others guidance in the social hub and in the response section of a forum. Another senior member Thiru Prasanna, very kindly provided some guidance to me. Thereafter, I read the help topics and I have started posting today.

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    Ghochu, you, as the author of the thread, should take care to see that the thread is not taken off the track. Since your thread is on the Kartarpur corridor, it would be better to stick to the topic rather than expressing your gratitude to our experienced members who guided you. As a member of this site for quite some time now, I am really impressed by the way you have taken off. Flying before the wings can be stretched is something remarkable.

    Members (seniors and experienced hands) are requested to respond to the thread content only.

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    It is true that this action of Pakistan is nothing great as compared to so many good gestures shown by our Govt time to time.

    Still we can conceive it as one of the rare friendly gestures shown by our neighbour country in the recent past. Our policy is peaceful coexistence and good relations with the neighbours. In that light it is a welcome move.

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    The opening of Kartarpur corridor will be a welcome news to the Sikh pilgrims. Whatever may be the reasons, it is a welcome move by Pakistan. Hope this will pave way for better relations between the two nations. A friendly neighbor will always be good for our country. The peace lovers in the country may not be going gaga over this but will certainly happy. The Pakistan Government should take proper security precautions for the pilgrims that will be visiting Dera Baba Nanak.
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    Members, have you ever visited the BSF post at Gurdaspur International Border (IB) in DBN sector? Till now, on a clear day, religious Sikh males and females used to watch the Kartarpur Gurdwara in Pakistan through a mounted binocular. This was a heart-wrenching sight.

    From now on, the religious people would be able to visit the Gurdwara through the corridor without visa formalities. But the people and also the Government of India must be extremely careful about the propaganda of the Pakistani Government and militants. Be very careful.

    Some of the elderly people may well remember the Gurbani which used to be played in PIA flights during the initial days of Khalistan movement. Needless to state it was a ploy to impress Indian Sikhs.

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    Gochu, your ideas never change. You do speak like someone who is seasoned. Both the sides, India and Pakistan, having agreed to open the corridor, let us think positive! There is no doubt that we need to be careful but can we give it a chance? Let it not be a corridor to fan terrorism.
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    Sir, I have tried to write what I feel about some people's elation over Pakistan's action. They are presenting as if Pakistan is an apostle of peace and India is the villain. So, I have tried to remind people about the past. I expect to get other senior members' opinion on the issue.

    We are not discussing whether I am seasoned, or not.

    I am Ghochuchandran, not 'Gochu'.

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    Welcome to this forum Ghochuchandran. Your views are very much appreciated.
    In Cricket language, we can say that, this is Imran Khan's reverse swing! But, he knows very well that Prime Minister Modi is in a good batting wicket!!
    Can a country born out of hatred toward India survive if hatred is removed?
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    Ghochuchandran, is there a need to keep naming yourself time and again? (As has been observed from your recent threads and responses). It seems that there is an identity crisis.

    Anyway, apologies for taking the liberty to shorten your name. Gochu and Chandran appears to be a very fancy combination though. Smart selection though not very smart enough.

    Sorry for the deviation. Members may please stick to the main thread.

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