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    Being in the present moment may help us to remain happy

    We all are searching happiness. We are searching it everywhere. Some say it stays in a place where there is lots of money. Some say it will be available if certain conditions in life are met. Some say it will never be found in our lifetime. Different people have different views. Yes, this is because the address where happiness stays is not known to us. Is it a state of mind which is depended on materials or is it a basic requirement? Think of the situations when you felt very happy. Also, think of the situations that made you sad. Is happiness the opposite of sadness? Do they have a relation like light and darkness? Let's give it a thought.

    We associated happiness with things that are required in our daily life. But there are people who have nothing but staying content and happy. In life, when our expectations are not met we become unhappy. If we do not get a certain thing, we feel sad. Now, if we can face life as it comes this longing for happiness may be reduced to some extent. We cannot change what has already happened. Similarly, we cannot predict the future. So, being in the present moment and facing life happily may be the best solution. Therefore, live in the present moment and carry out the activities based on the requirement of that moment to remain happy.
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    That is what spiritual leaders tells present is more important than future and past. Present only in our hand given by God as gift. That is why we use to tell the gifting to others as present.

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    It is very common we hear many people saying be present. Don't waste your present thinking about the past or planning for the future. Be present and enjoy life. What is on hand at present should be carefully worked out keeping our past experience in mind. By thinking about already happened things always is not correct. Use that experience to be happy in the present.
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