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    A home away from home - an interview with Mrs Seema Chhetri

    I was travelling in a local train in Kolkata after a long time. This travel turned out to be a lifetime experience for me. Luckily I could manage a window seat for myself, and many of the co-passengers were kindergarten students accompanied by their teachers. The little ones were at their jovial best, and the teachers were completely engaged with the students and seemed to have the best time of their lives. During the journey, I had the opportunity to open a conversation with the senior most teacher Mrs Seema Chhetri. She would retire in a few months from now with whom I had a captivating chat. Presenting below the excerpts of the talk we had:

    1. I, the Interviewer: The expression on your face speaks a volume about your contented journey as a kindergarten teacher. A job is a source of financial security, so I am keen to know, is your present job only a source of financial security or much more than that?

    Mrs Seema Chhetri, the interviewee: Although I am a postgraduate in Mathematics, I have joined as a kindergarten teacher by choice. Financial security was never a matter of concern, and I have never aspired for a high position in life. I always wished to contribute to the society at the maximum level possible. Kindergarten lays the basic foundation of learning, so if it is incorrect, then one cannot dream of making a better person and a good society. I am happy as a kindergarten teacher.

    2. Interviewer: Your colleagues, Mrs Chhetri, were discussing among themselves that this is the last excursion before your retirement. What will you miss the most after retirement?

    Interviewee: The meaning of kindergarten is, garden for children, which is a German concept started by Friedrich Froebel in 1837 in Germany. He introduced the method of learning through play. Children are the most innocent lot who never know how to hide their emotions. Their expressions always touch the core of my heart. Educating them through play-way method is very satisfying which I will immensely miss once I retire.

    3. Interviewer: I think, your knowledge of Mathematics remained entirely untapped. What's your opinion?

    Interviewee: Happy heart makes a happy mind. It creates a happy and successful professional. I always felt that the beginning of learning needs an environment of no fear. My mantra is to build 'a home away from home' for the little learners with this motive I joined as a teacher in a kindergarten school. It creates a fearless and loving society which is much more satisfying than teaching Mathematics.

    Interviewer: Thank you very much, Mrs Seema Chhetri, for an insightful interview. Good luck!

    This is my entry for the Dual Role Interview Contest
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    A good interview. The author brought out the mind of a teacher who enjoyed her profession more than money and the questions asked were very well answered by the teacher. How one can enjoy their profession if they get a chance to work in the profession they like than a profession they got into by chance.
    always confident

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