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    How do you enjoy the 'hide and seek' game playing with children?

    Few days ago, I had been to Faridabad to visit my elder sister-in-law where I could enjoy playing with her grand daughter. She is three years old and very cute. Having settled in Haryana, I don't know whether demography and climatic conditions too influence our life style. I spent some time with the girl because of her activeness and her spoken English. Suddenly she proposed to play 'Hide and Seek' game and I asked her innocently what it could be. She explained it nicely and ordered me to start the game.

    I lost to her in the first round as she could recognise my hiding spot easily while I tried to make her a win as if I couldn't catch-hold of her. She was enjoying her winning spree. The world looked very beautiful on the glance of her smiling face. The few moments made more enjoyable. It made me feeling freshen after a hectic work at Delhi on the previous day. It looked nothing like caste, creed, religion etc., is above the smile of a little tot. Isn't it?
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    Yes. I agree with the author. When we see a cute kid smiling we will forget everything and enjoy her smile. We never think who is the kid, to which caste she belongs or to which religion. When we have a pain in our heart, if we spend some time with a smiling cute kid, we will get alright. These days I am spending more time with my granddaughter. After a hectic work schedule in the office, once I come back home and spend some time with her, I am getting relaxed completely and forgetting the whole day's struggle.
    The same is the case with all the people. I appreciate the author for this excellent thread. Playing hide and seek with kids and making them win is an excellent feeling. I used to play this game with my brother's daughter who stays in Bangalore whenever I was going there.

    always confident

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