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    The quotes I read and liked

    1.A child born to a ration shop employee,the nurse told the baby is underweight.
    2.Aged father who kept in verandah came inside the house as photo after death.
    3.A man named his house as 'Mother's inn' but his mother is in old age home.
    4.Don't care about flowers after plucking whether kept for God or deadbody as the flower died already.
    5.No diabetic nor cholesterol but dog going for walking with his owner.
    6.Kept in prison for stealing chicken and offered chicken biriyani
    7.The value of mangalsutra is well understood by pawnbroker rather than husband or wife
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    The above lines depict the ironies in our life.
    I really enjoyed all of them ; cannot say which one is better than other.
    I had a smile reading 5 & 6.

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    Very good quotes mentioned by the author. I read and enjoyed all of them. Quote '3" is observed these days many places. They say Mother is equal to God. To see the God he will go to a temple. To see the mother he will visit old age home.
    It is true. Many of the culprits are enjoying their lives in prisons as the verdicts in their cases are taking a long time to finalise the case.
    These days there are no values for many customs which very respected during the earlier days. Quote'5' is an example for this.

    always confident

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    Very nice quotes. These quotes focus on the issue the modern society. First one is very touching what an irony it is! The quotes which directly questions the custom we follow in the name of religion has no value until and unless we value the person's dignity. The one is on mother and father it is very bitter in taste but its a truth most of today's generation.
    Well done is better than well said

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    These are ironies of life. The last one has moved me the most. I am trying to save these sentences.

    I congratulate the author for compiling these.

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    The comment, "The above lines depict the ironies in our life." (#654075) is good enough to explain the hidden meanings behind every quotes. In a way we even could refer these as a satirical admissions.

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    I read and liked all your good quotes but I really enjoyed 2,3,4 & 6. The best among all is 3.

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