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    Interview of a wildlife photographer # Dheeraj Singh.

    Today I am happy to take an interview with a famous wildlife photographer Dheeraj Singh who has won several national and international awards for his photos. His association with the photography began during the school days when he used to take pictures just to have fun after uploading them on the social media. Gradually this hobby converted into the profession as he entered in the field of wildlife photography.

    Here are few of the questions I asked about him during the interview:

    Q1. What made you enter this profession as you know it's dangerous sometimes. Aren't you afraid of these wild animals?

    And: No at all I am not afraid of them.

    The credit goes to my friend who is a wildlife photographer himself. We use to go to the forests every weekend. Thanks to my father who gifted me Canon EOS Elan IIE and then I started taking pics of the creatures and nature. Later I joined a yahoo group where I met like-minded people and since then my interest went on increasing. And hence I am here now. I have always believed that if one chooses his hobby a profession then life becomes happy.

    Wildlife is not only about tigers and lions. There are other creatures too in the forest which won't hurt you. So many times I have spent lots of time to photograph common creatures like spotted dears, birds, fish, monkeys.

    Studying and watching birds is my favourite subject. Many of the birds are very colourful and it's pleasant to watch them.

    Q2. What are the difficulties you face while doing wildlife photography?

    Ans2. Wildlife photography is all about a chance, you should be at right place at right time otherwise you may miss the opportunity. Also, there are many other challenges which a photographer face like one should know the ethics of jungle and should be a good naturalist. Also, most of the things happen at night so one should have appropriate equipment and camera which may focus more in the dark. Lastly one should remember that it's not easy to make lots of money through wildlife photography. I am here because I love it.

    Q3. Any tips for upcoming photographers?

    Ans 3. As I told you earlier that one cannot earn money from it instantly. It may take years to earn good from the pictures you take. One should be a good naturalist before starting photography. One should know the fundamentals of photography. Always try to understand the behaviour of animals. Don't let them fear of you as you won't get natural photos of theirs if they are stressed.

    That's all Dheeraj. It is my pleasure to interview you and get to know about wildlife photography.

    Dheeraj I am happy that you have received an international award for the picture you captured of a leopard sitting on the branch of a tree.

    Hope aspiring photographers learn from your experience and understand how to become a good wildlife photographer.

    Also, I expect lots of good picture from you and wish you good luck. Hope you get more awards for your pictures in the future too.

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    Wildlife photography is a challenging field. The author has provided good details about this subject through this interview.

    A nicely conducted interview of a wildlife photographer.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A nicely conducted interview with very apt answers for the questions asked. The author is able to present good information about wildlife photography. Seeing animals in a cage is different from seeing them when they are at home. We can't ask the animal to give pose for the picture. We have to spot the animal and click on the correct moment so that we will have a good photograph. This fact is very well brought out in the interview by the author.
    always confident

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