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    When a song becomes the tear-jerker

    Emotion plays a very important role in our life. We laugh a lot, cry at times. We express our feelings through these acts. Pains, physical as well as mental, feeling of sadness brings tears. There is also the tears of joy, which is witnessed when very close friends or relatives are united after a long gap. Few incidents cannot be forgotten. We become emotional when we remember those incidents and try to relieve ourselves by shedding tears.

    One such incident occurred during my student life. My father's youngest sister was suffering from a life threatening disease and hospitalized. We knew her days are numbered but I was hopeful. I thought she will recover. I visited her immediately after hospitalization and since I was very young at that time, my parents didn't allow me to visit her frequently. After almost a month, I heard her condition was deteriorating and one afternoon I planned to visit her in the hospital. At that time in our area, a vendor, selling groceries, used to move around the locality in his van by playing music to attract customers. While we were going out, the vendor was playing a song from a recently released movie of that time. I liked the tune. Since we stay in the suburbs, it took sometime to reach the hospital. I was excited thinking we will meet her.

    After reaching there I was so shocked. I heard she passed away two days ago. There was a tussle between few of the family members and because of that they didn't inform us. It was a shocking moment for all of us and as a child it affected me in a different way. After that whenever I heard that particular song, which was played by the vendor at the start of our journey, I remember those moments. That song still remained a tear-jerker.

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    A good narration by the author linking the tune of a song to the following incident and remembering it in life as an associated thing.

    Music is like that only. It joins the sentimental aspects of our mind with the things happening around us. I do not know whether other people have this feeling but sometimes when we hear some old songs attached to our childhood memories or during playing of some effective patriotic song our heart is filled with emotions and subtle feelings. That is the power in the music and it manifests itself in varied forms time to time.

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    Music is one which makes us fresh and happy. My granddaughter who just completed her one year will stop weeping when we start playing a good song on our mobile. She comes and tells me to play that song again and again. Such is the power of music. Sometimes when we hear some good old songs of yesteryears, we will feel happy and feel like hearing again and again.
    The author made a good attempt in bringing out the fact that how the incidents happened can be related to the songs we hear around that time.

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    Not only yours, but music can also be linked to other's real-life situations too. There are many sad songs sung by Mukesh which can easily be linked to real life.

    It is very sad that due to the dispute of family members you and your family were not informed when she died two days before. It may be very painful for a kid to see someone who's close expires.


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    The story of the author is very good and narrated nicely. The conclusion the author gives is a fact. The music is an important part of life. Our mind gives attention to the various music that's why music can affect our mood and our mood inclined towards the music according to our mood. It a fact that the life incident of a person is attached to a music we heard during that period either happy moments of sad. It attaches to our memory a reference. So whenever we heard the music we immediately remember the incident very lively. This makes a Tear-Jerker of one's life.
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    The worst part of the narration is the thought process of some people who play politics even at the time of tragedy. It hurts the innocents the most, and it keeps on making rounds in their heart and mind. It is natural that the correlated happenings of the actual incident cannot be forgotten either. It becomes a painful reminder.

    The author has expressed his grief in a very subtle way which is equally painful.


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    A tragedy is reminded by a song here. Tragedies through death are the most relatable ones because we all have once lost someone very close to us. This probably was the first encounter with death you had as a child. I am curious. How do you feel when you accidentally listen to that song now ?
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    #654156, @Aditya, till now I feel really sad whenever I listen to that song . It always reminds me of that day. Few moments of childhood makes an imprint in the mind and you can say this incident is one of those.

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