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    How to avoid or survive bad company?

    The world around us is a big place. It is filled with all sort of people right from gentle and kind hearted angels to mean, selfish and wretched ones.

    By nature, most of us are gregarious and want company to satisfy this inherent need. Since our childhood to old age we acquire many friends and move in different groups and experience their company. With our close friends we take liberty of sharing the personal matters also.

    Unknowingly or unintentionally, sometimes we fall in bad company and catch some addictive habits which are detrimental to our education or health or our progress or career growth in our life.

    These things we come to understand quite late in life when significant damage and harm has already been done and though some people come out of these indulgences back to the mainstream life but some of the unfortunate ones waste their valuable life just like that.

    I want the feedback of our members on this crucial matter as many of the children and youngsters are falling in bad company and leading a uncreative and purposeless life.

    So how to avoid a bad company and sometimes when it is inevitable how to survive through it?

    Please give your opinion and valuable comments.
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    One has to have a firm determination not to get affected if he has a bad company also. I remember when I was in a hostel most of my friends used to smoke and insisted me to take on but I never ever started as I knew its bad for the health and also a waste of money. Since childhood, I always wanted not to be a burden on parents financially.

    But later on, when I started doing a job I used to stay alone and due to loneliness, I started smoking whereas I didn't have any bad company.

    So, in my opinion, it's the willpower of a person if he takes bad habits or resists them.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    It is a fact that people will get attracted to bad things faster and easier than to good things. Smoking a cigarette can be easily learnt than earning a rupee. That is why many students these days are going to bad habits easily. Near my house, there is a college. Many students come out of the premises in groups and start smoking by sharing one or two cigarettes. But the same students never share their knowledge with each other.
    One of my friend during our college days used to spend a lot of money on unnecessary expenditures. He used to ask me to follow him and he was ready to spend money on me also. But I used to refuse and I used to avoid him by saying something or other. I was staying with my grandparents those days and I used to say my friend that I have to go back in time otherwise my grandfather will scold me.
    One should have the capability of saying No to bad habits.

    always confident

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    The fact of the matter is that we don't like the individuals who differs from our imagination or not up to the expectations of ours or otherwise in a professional relationships we have one goal which is to look for the maximum profit. But if the relationship goes worse than this becomes irritating & still you need to ply accordingly as per your existing situation.

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