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    Interview of an author whose first book became the bestseller of the year

    This is the interview of an author whose first book became the bestseller of the year. His name is Salil Goswami and his first book is 'The Future of the Human Race'.

    The interview goes like this -

    Q.1. - Welcome Mr Goswami. How did you feel when your book became the bestseller?
    A.1. - Thanks for calling me for this interview. I was really thrilled and surprised to see the acceptance of the book by the readers and finally the announcement that it has become the bestseller.

    Q.2. - Can you briefly tell what was the inspiration to write this book?
    A.2. - Not anything in particular but I had an exhaustive reading habit and had interest in environmental sciences, ecology and global warming. Thinking on these matters I wrote this book.

    Q.3. - Well Mr Goswami my last question to you is can you briefly tell the theme of this book and your future writing endeavours?
    A.3. - This book deals with the imminent dangers looming on the human race and some measures which can probably avoid the extinction of humans from this beautiful mother Earth.
    Yes, I have some plans to write books on the similar subjects in future which can throw more light on these issues of our survival.

    With this futuristic note the interview ended and I thanked the author to give his valuable time for the same.

    This is my entry for the dual mode interview.
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    The interview is good. But I find this a little bit formal. Perhaps the topic of the book and the personality of the (fictitious) author are the reasons behind the formal nature of the interview. Overall, a serious but good interview.

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    A good interview. The necessity of environmental protection is well touched upon in the interview. The need of the day is awareness among the citizens about the subject. A little more elaboration on the measures suggested might have given a better look to the interview.
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    What goes on in the mind of an author before writing a book, and why the writer takes it up as the subject of the book is well explained. It is a well-written interview.

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    A good and brief interview taken but one thing which I didn't like is you didn't mention the name of the book. In my opinion, you should have mention it.

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