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    When tears became a torrent twenty three years and four months ago....

    There is this incident firmly etched in my mind. This is something that refuses to go out of my mind, even after such a long time of over two decades.

    My wife was pregnant and we lived in Cuddalore, a port town near Pondicherry. I was then employed in a managerial capacity with an organization of the famous JK group. Even when she was pregnant, the lady doctor who used to attend to her did point out that her BP is rather high. Some tablets were given. However, she failed to diagnose further complications. It so happened that I had already booked first class tickets for me, my wife and in-laws to go over to Dindigul, the district headquarter town where my father in law was a Principal of a Government-aided private college.

    My wife was transported literally straight into a superb hospital called the St.Josheph's hospital, well known for several complicated delivery cases. The problem was that my second child was just seven and a half months old.
    The time was 6.20 AM in the morning. Three hours later, the best surgeon took my father in law aside and said that he would save the mother, but the child would be stillborn. Outside the special room in which my wife was suffering the worst ordeal of her life, she was seen crying loudly "Gnananandha" the name of a famous saint from Tamil Nadu ( his ashram is near Tiruvannamalai). Her pain was unbearable. We all prayed that both the mother and child should survive.

    The day went in a flash. My wife's blood pressure had to be controlled. A team of 17 doctors, headed by the Chief Surgeon, decided to do a complicated surgery. The local anesthesia doctor refused to give anesthesia. This specialist has transported from Madurai a full 64 kilometers away. Experts from the Madurai Medical College arrived. The Chief Surgeon said he would save both the mother and the child.

    He did. My daughter was born. The entire delivery is a full case study at Madurai Medical College, even today. She was a full two months and odd, pre-mature when she was born. The time was 8.32 PM when she was born. She did not cry for sixty minutes. Then she cried.

    Her weight was pathetic. She grew up as a superbly talented girl, now 23+. Of course, she was always naughty. When we consulted doctors, they said that most of the pre-mature children are always very naughty and my daughter was no exception.

    Tears became torrent for my entire family, and the entire the entire hospital staff, who also prayed for us in the Church nearby. The Chief Surgeon and his team called it a "medical miracle". Reportedly, it was also put on record.

    Miracle it indeed was, fit enough for tears any day, any time.....

    This is my entry for the TOW contest...
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    I was praying your story had a happy ending and it did. You have put your life story here. It takes bravery to withstand such tales and remember them to tell. Good job.
    But do add the word "tear jerker" in your title to be noticed by editors.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    My sister's grandson also born prematurely. In our families, we do a function in the 7th month of pregnancy. All ladies will gather. The in-laws will bring various types of sweets. All the ladies will be presented bangles. The pregnant lady will have many bangles on her hand. This function was planned to the daughter in law of my sister. The next day was the function, That day night she started developing pains and immediately shifted to hospital. That day night she underwent a surgery and a male child was born. The boy was very much underweight. The next moment he was shifted to a children hospital and he was in the hospital for almost 100 days and finally survived. This happened 10 years back.
    The story written by the author made me recollect this. I was there in the hospital throughout the night.
    The author made a real incident as a contest entry. I know how difficult it is to withstand such anxious moments. A well presented write up.

    always confident

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