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    TDP trying to meddle in Telangana

    After the formation of Telangana State, under the leadership of Sri. KCR his party TRS formed the government. In view of his bitter views/ speeches against Andhra people residing in Telangana, all thought that he will take a tough stand and will create hatreds against them.
    But he took a matured stand by not widening the gulf and didn't take any precipitative actions.
    Slowly people got adjusted to the new situation and are jelling well with mutual cooperation.

    TDP under the leadership of Sri. NCB Naidu deserted responsibility of Andhra people settled in Telangana to their fate and also right on great infrastructure built at Hyderabad neglecting all other Tier 2 cities of the combined state. He tamely surrendered and decided to shift to Vijayawada though Hyderabad is designated as a common capital for both the states for a period of 10 years.
    This is the most irresponsible and self-centered decision keeping future of Andhra students and their future employment potential and security required for Andhra people in that crucial time.
    Though TDP tries to justify this cowardly retreat due to their own undoings and to wriggle out of Legal problems, people knew and felt let down.

    Now, Sri.NCB Naidu stooped down again and made an unholy alliance with their enemy party against whose misrule the TDP was founded by Late.Sri.NTR (founder of the party)and Congress was the party responsible for the separation of combined Andhra state behind closed doors of parliament.

    Now irrespective of election results, this will be stirring ill feelings and bitterness in the relation between Telangana and Andhra people.
    Second time Sri.NCB Naidu proved, that nothing is more important for him than his self-interest.
    There is no wonder he may extend this unholy alliance in Andhra also.
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    I think in politics there are no permanent enemies or permanent friends. But personally, I also feel Naidu has done a mistake by extending his support to Congress in Telangana elections. His action in this matter may give him some negative results in his own state.
    KCR is very famous for double game. He promised Sonia Gandhi that he will merge his party in Congress if separate Telangana was given. This only made Congress leadership divide the State. But KCR conveniently forgot the words he has given to Congress. That is one reason why Congress is against KCR. Another promise he made was that he will make a BC or tribal as CM of Telangana. But he has become the CM. Like this there many examples. These things are not uncommon in politics.
    Both KCR and Babu are sailing in the same boat. Both of them are eying for CM post to their sons.
    When Telangana was formed it was an excess revenue State but today it is negative.
    KCR started again blaming the Andhra People in his recent election campaigns. So I don't find any difference between these two.

    always confident

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